[CONTEST] Annual Wallpaper Contest! (locked)

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, May 6, 2014.

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  1. Empire Minecraft Annual Wallpaper Contest

    [Here] are the winners from 2 years ago.
    [Here] are the winners from last year.

    (Subject to change due to donations!)
    1st Place: ...
    2nd Place: ...
    3rd Place: ...

    You must create your own wallpaper, please do not use others' work.
    You may not use wallpapers from the last 2 contests.
    You MUST feature the EMC Logo somewhere in the image you are submitting.
    Please do not submit wallpapers on alternate accounts!

    Empire Minecraft Logo
    [Vector Photoshop] - Direct Download

    Submitting Your Wallpaper
    Please upload your images to an image hosting site first, such as [Imgur]
    To submit your wallpaper, please fill out [this form]

    Submitting a Donation
    If you wish to donate to the prize pool of this contest, please fill out [this form]
    All sent donations are final, once it has been sent, it will not be refunded.
    Donations are added to the prize pool at the top of the page manually.

    This contest will end May 31st 23:59 EST

    Top Donors!
    to be updated...
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  2. love those prizes
  3. Still working on creating them =P I want to include pictures.
  4. I went back to last year's contest and the one before that and it looks like the people that won did like 5 mins of work.....
  5. I shall donate 9,347r! (Debt that fro me Krysyy =))
  6. fill out the form =P
  7. Just did, could you debt 9345r not 9347r =)
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  8. Then I look forward to your submission :)
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  9. done
  10. ...
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  11. well i give up, Photoshop is hard.
  12. *rubs hands together maniacally*
    I am going to create the most awesome wallpaper in the world! Muahahaha! :p
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  13. Sent 100,000r your way :).
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  14. I too have fallen into this rather interesting habit....
  15. Have a great residence? Quote my post here so I can go there and put your residence in my wallpaper! (My wallpaper will consist of 100+ screenshots of builds on EMC. I might make a 500-screenshot one if I want to/have time.)
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  16. My res is hawt.
  17. I might actually participate...
  18. 3456
  19. My photoshop would crash >.>
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  20. ok I'm gonna finish way too early so I'm gonna do a 500-1,000 screenshot wallpaper
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