[CONTEST] 6th Annual EMC Wallpaper Contest

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. It'd an absolute travesty that I didn't win.

    If EMC is still around this Wednesday then I will show the world my wallpaper.
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  2. Wow! Amazing job guys! Bosoc’s is amazing!
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  3. They’re all so nice! Alex delivered as always, and the other two were amazing as well. Great job to the winners :)

    Currently mine is still in blank paper state heheh
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  4. Congrats you three, and good job to everyone who didn't win!! (and the winners too, obviously)
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  6. Congratulations! Nice work.
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  7. Congrazulations muh fellow arteests!

    *Twists non-existant moustache*
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  8. Congrats you three!! Very well deserved! That’s some talent :D
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  9. Very cool stuff.
  10. Congrats Bosoc! Very well deserved win; I know how much effort you put into this and it was great seeing it come together as you were making it.
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  11. Congrats to all! Great Job:D
  12. Wow, I won something!
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  13. oh yeah Congrats To First place and second place, I never stood a chance;)
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  14. Oh cool, thanks everyone :D Nice work Bosoc and Alpine and of course everyone else who submitted :)
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  15. Let me just say that this is amazing, Don't get me wrong the other ones are really really good but I just see so much humor in this submission by AlexC__! You have EvilToade kicking a Enraged bunny away from him, to having AlexC__ being thrown and BigDavie being held by a Momentus! Also if you look between Krysyy and ItsMeMatheus you see B4DMAN5IMON in the background playing with TNT while the rest are fighting off the "Horde" as Dwight would say (Also known as The_Boulder) Speaking of Dwight he's trying to get away from the endermen! You can also see the ElfinPineapple stole the Emerald from the witch. You have RainbowChin pretty much defenseless at this point because a angry wolf ripped apart his gold sword! And lets just talk about how majestic ItsMeMatheus looks! Now I don't know if it was just cause you were out of room but I spent like 30min looking for Hashhog and JDHallows, Maybe next year they will make the cut :p

    (Note: If I did happen to get any of the SS wrong with their pictures I truly am sorry! Its 3:10 am and I didn't feel like looking up their skins when I feel as if I know them already :D)
  16. Hash is on the tree, surprisingly without any cake nearby.
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  17. Oh dang that's how you know I'm tired :p -Sorry Hash- But anyways I guess the new SS didn't make the cut this year :rolleyes:
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  18. Legitimately have no idea why JD isn't in that. I think I might've accidentally banished him by inadvertently hitting Undo a few times after his addition. He was in the bottom right or on one of the other trees IIRC
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  19. A bigger "oof" has never been had lol.
    Sums up my luck with mobs pretty much exactly.
  20. #blamethanos
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