[CONTEST] 6th Annual EMC Wallpaper Contest

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. hawt DAMN

    def know who im voting for prez in 2020
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  2. i’d do so well at this if i could draw people

    buuuuut i guess i just have to go outside the box on this one.

    this should get weird
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  3. after 2 weeks, almost 3, i finally finished mine

    smhhh my butt hurts so much
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  4. Last reminder. You've still got a few hours!!!
  5. Don't know yet.
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  6. Shouldnt the winners have been announced two days ago?
  7. Patience Padiwan
    Judging takes time when doing it correctly :p
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  8. ur right mah bad y'all
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  9. any update on this? been awhile lol
  10. It's really close so uninvolved consultants are voting. Will have an answer soon. Likely tonight/tomorrow.
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  11. Winners announced!

    This was a REALLY tough decision between #1 and #2. It was very likely the closest we've ever had. Each brought insane amount of effort and a different vision to the design. So after consulting outside non-bias members judging and tabulating those results, we have a decision.

    *drum roll*

    First place: Bosoc

    Second place: AlexC__

    Third place: Alpine192

    Congrats to all winners and great job!
  12. Im new but congrats
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  13. YOYOO! Congratz to all!!!!
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  14. Congrats all, they look amazing!
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  15. Congrats :)

    The effort put in to those pieces certainly shines through. Excellent job!
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  16. Congratulations to the winners and good job to everyone that participated :)
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  17. They are all so good I decided to not try this at all because I am not that good at art XD
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  18. congrats to the winners
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  19. Grats to the winners!! :)
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