[CONTEST] 5th Annual EMC Wallpaper Contest!

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  1. 5th Annual EMC Wallpaper Contest!

    Deadline: August 31st, 2016 at 11:59 pm EMC time

    1st Place: Empire Artisan's Palette (2016 edition) + 1/2 of rupee prize pool
    2nd Place: 1/3 of rupee prize pool
    3rd Place: 1/6 of rupee prize pool

    You must create your own wallpaper, please do not use others' work.
    You may not use wallpapers from the last 4 contests.
    You MUST feature the EMC Logo somewhere in the image you are submitting.
    Please do not submit wallpapers on alternate accounts!
    One entry per person.

    Logo to Use:

    2015 Contest Winners: emc.gs/t/55489/
    2014 Contest Winners: emc.gs/t/39053/
    2013 Contest Winners: emc.gs/t/24358/
    2012 Contest Winners: emc.gs/t/7216/

    Submit your Wallpaper: CLICK ME TO ENTER!
    Donate to the Prize Pool: CLICK ME TO DONATE!
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  2. Oooh, sounds interesting
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  3. I cant wait! I donated 12k! :D
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  4. Im assuming we submit only one entry. But could two players collaborate on one entry?
  5. The prize will only be given to one player. It's up to you if you want to collaborate and split it in a way you see as even. I'd advise working out those details well in advance.
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  6. Been a while since we've had an official Empire Contest; I'll have to think about entering this one. Good luck to all who decide to enter! :D
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  7. Holy contest month.
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  8. Yea!!!! I have been waiting for this all year. So excited. Really want to win. :)
  9. Krysyy, I am trying to turn mine into a link, but it is not working, may I just spend you the picture to you?
  10. Use imgur.com, gives you link afterwords and it's free.
  11. Upload to imgur or a picture sharing site, then put the direct link into the entry box.
  12. Whats a good site besides imgur?
  13. Put 100k into the prize pool. I love to see the wallpapers people make each year. :)
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  14. Good luck everyone! Lots of new contests out :D
  15. I made a neat picture to inspire you many artists. As you can see I have created a modern Picasso.

    I hope to have inspired you all.
  16. Inspiring? We may as well give up! Pretty sure you've won it! ;)
  17. so i am assuming it is only one entry per person? kytula asked that and it wasn't really answered.. just said only one person was going to get paid if two people pitch in for one photo.
    can something be added to the top post stating how many entries someone can submit?
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  18. Adding now.
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  19. thank you