[CONTEST] 2023 Empire Blog Contest!

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  1. This contest is for all of our writers! We love sharing content from our community members on the EMC blog, so it's time to pull out your pen and let the creative juices flow.

    Write a blog post to be published on the Official EMC Blog!

    Blog Post Guidelines:
    • Blog post does not have to be about EMC, but it must be about something Minecraft-related and not have a blog post already written about it.
    • Must be written in English with proper grammar and spelling.
    • No plagiarism. If it's not your original content, don't send it in.
    • Keep it appropriate and adhere to EMC rules.
    • Minimum of 500 words, maximum of 1000 words.
    • If possible, use some good quality images of your own.
    • Must be enjoyable to read and easily understood by younger audiences
    • You may submit more than one entry
    Contribution Team members are allowed to enter.
    Disclaimer: Submissions may be used even if they don't win. Edits may be required to finalize blog posts.

    One blog post will be selected from the submissions as the winner:
    Empire Blogger's Quill + 250,000 rupees

    Entries that are high-quality and require little editing:
    50,000 rupees

    Who's judging:
    MoreMoople and other Senior Staff members.

    Entry Links:
    If you want to submit more than one blog post, please submit separate forms.

    April 30th, 2023 at 11:59 PM EMC time

    Previous Winners:
    2020 - Click here for the contest thread
    Happy Writing! :D
  2. just for reaserch waht is a blog post
    is it like a news artikel??

    will i get extra points if i type with out erors since for me that reqears to make it 30 times on paper and than rite it probely 2 times in wurd before even starting with the erors

    ar you alowed to use like the wurt vunction that puts a line under wrong words
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  4. um does a like a article like in a news paper count becouse im at 200 wors of a 500 words paper about how to atract new players and waht i tink ar the main problems
    dit take me like a long time since englis is not my original langere
    i rote it first on paper and i still need to correct my spelling and pictures and in prove it
    its hard for me i dit alrady rite 400 words but had to trow them 2x away becouse it dint make any sence about the topic
    and the only englis type of letter i have learned is a news paper style so thats waht i dit its main pupose is ro review the tutorial
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  5. Hey everyone! Just a reminder that there is a little over a week left to submit your entries for this contest! :D
  6. how can i supmit ??
  7. tank you
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  8. Hello all! Just a reminder that the deadline for this contest is in 3 days. I can't wait to read your entries! :D
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  9. oof i dit rite a hole post in word but aperently my licentie exspired so i cant do any ting oof no coppy paste
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  10. my entry for the competition note the post made for a black back ground or disingned around it being on a black back ground like the emc website note i dint post it on the link becouse i was not able to put pictures in the google list

    This blog post is about
    1 What are new players

    2 What are the problems

    3 How to solve the problems

    4 why the new players wont stay

    new players

    What are new players.
    New players are normally players that are new to Minecraft .
    In this case new players are players that are new to Empire
    New players do not now about the many
    Features of Empire Minecraft
    They dont now about the custom mobs events and promos not
    to forget
    Chances to fanila minecraft
    The new player is the future of emc

    And they are good for the server

    The lack of explanation

    New player join Empire Minecraft
    For the custom features and many different tings., Somtimes they join a friend or find it randomly. And wen they join there is normally no explanation about the features of empire minecraft.
    The only ting that gets explain are the rules.
    The new player normally plays for a short time before just giving up.
    Almost all occasions the new player do not get the information they need
    To understand what empire minecraft is
    Some of the players i have seen they spawn ask qestion and leave before getting a ensure.
    The lack of explanation is a concern

    The problems

    Empire minecraft tutorial.

    Is outdated it only exsplains the rules of empire minecraft.
    And not all the custom features
    Promos events and great community.
    The tutorial looks like it was made 8 years ago it is outdated. The new players of today are different from the new players that joined in 2015. The tutorial shut update with the player and not put in a corner to gather dust.
    The Empire Minecraft tutorial needs to update and chance with the player.
    The tutorial still needs to update
    The tutorial needs to be a place to exsplain new players waht empire Minecraft is all about not only the rules also the features events promos wild and waste outpost plot world and more

    Studying the problem
    And the solutioN

    new players join most of the time complete the tutorial wen most players complete the tutorial that does not any ting about Empire Minecraft not even the custom
    features. It only exsplains the rules.
    So wen players complete the tutorial
    They spawn in a world that is made of dirt. Most of the new players will go explore find somting they cant break it and just leave most of the time they never come back

    the solution

    I think the solution is updating the tutorial
    And add somting like custom achievements that exsplains Empire Minecraft in a fast and fun way
    They so new players learn about the waste and the wild custom items events and custom mobs.
    In a controled way. The future of empire minecraft is based on new players we need to think how new players can stay longer and will play longer.

    Why new players wont stay my thoughts
    I think new players will not stay on Empire Minecraft for a long time
    Becouse of the lack of explanation
    And the players not knowing what to do
    I think if there are more events and more custom content on a regular bases so players will stay and keep playing

    What does the empire minecraft community think

    1 I asked these questions
    What do you think about new players

    2 What do you think empire Minecraft can in prove to keep new players playing longer

    3 do you think the tutorial is the problem

    4 what do you think is the problem

    I inter viewed number of players
    To understand what the community

    The Self the turtle boy interview

    The Caroline interrogation
  11. notition i dit notis this may have a little bit been out of time
    but please accept it i just found a way to get my ducument out of word instead of using word i used word pad for waht for reason that worked so i started working i tink the final result is actuly prety good so please consider letting it in
    becouse this actuly dit take a rilly long time i first put efry ting on paper since ritting a big ducument on a pc with out putting it in a bin 20 times is a nigtmare not to mention needing to google most words and filling in 10 a4 papers by hand i can profide pictures
    worked most of the week so had no time
  12. This is the final day to enter this contest! Get your blog posts in! :D
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  13. qestion i put my blog post above becouse the google site dint suport pictures does that count
  14. You can submit it to the form with links to the pictures. :)
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  15. Submitted my entry, good luck to everyone!
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  16. The contest is officially closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted a blog post. Results will be posted in about a week. :D
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  17. um thats a little bit late
  18. Slight delay on the release of results while I plow through finals week. Thank you all for your patience! :D
  19. cant wait moremoople
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