[CONTEST] 2015 EMC Wallpaper Contest (locked)

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, May 29, 2015.

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  1. 4th Annual EMC Wallpaper Contest!

    Deadline: June 30th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EMC time

    1st Place: Empire Artisan's Palette (2015 edition) + 1/2 of rupee prize pool
    2nd Place: 1/3 of rupee prize pool
    3rd Place: 1/6 of rupee prize pool

    You must create your own wallpaper, please do not use others' work.
    You may not use wallpapers from the last 3 contests.
    You MUST feature the EMC Logo somewhere in the image you are submitting.
    Please do not submit wallpapers on alternate accounts!

    Logo to Use:

    2014 Contest Winners: emc.gs/t/39053/
    2013 Contest Winners: emc.gs/t/24358/
    2012 Contest Winners: emc.gs/t/7216/

    Submit your Wallpaper: Closed
    Donate to the Prize Pool: Closed
  2. Man, if only I wasn't so bad at art... :oops:

    Can't wait to see everyone's submissions, though! :)
  3. Woop!

    I will try if a good idea pops in my head for it.
  4. Oh, it's ON this time around. Let's get wallpapering!
  5. Bruh, I was 3 time junior regional wallpaper champion.
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  6. Pffft. You're looking at 4 time junior international wallpaper champion right here. :cool:
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  7. The comment thing is working now
  8. This is not possible for me to do cause I suck at making wallpapers that hard...
  9. That was you?! I thought those stories were just myths . . .
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  10. Ha image.jpg that, my friends, is a wallpaper entry. Beat that if you can :p
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  11. ok
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  12. The Empire Minecraft logo isn't in your wallpaper.
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  13. Quick question regarding this, is there a certain size that is required?

  14. better?
  15. Ah, cool! I remember joining this back in 2013 or perhaps 14. I didn't make a chance though, so I don't really feel like trying again :p
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  16. Donated some monies.

    I still might try later on if I feel like it :cool:
  17. My lord, if only I knew how to make animations, insert logos, and have creativity. Then I would win 1st place for sure =P
  18. Half way through exams so far, all done in two weeks. That means I'll have a while before the deadline to get this done. I'm pretty sure I'll have a go at this, time to write it down to get onto it as soon as I can :cool:
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  19. I'm doing something unspeakable for this one... I'm using-- *shudders* --shaders.
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