Considering in leaving...

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Should i leave?

No 25 vote(s) 73.5%
Yes 9 vote(s) 26.5%
  1. EDIT:I am not leaving EMC, i'm just going to be taking a short break around a week from in game, i'll still be on the forums. I left the post if you'd like to read what i said before =3

    Seriousness on...
    Hey guys, the reason i wrote that in the title is that im really getting bored of emc, not much to do really! i have got work to do but i just can't figure out how or can't get to it, if you guys think of a way to convince me or get me to stay i will, im sorry but there is really not much fun here anymore...
  2. Join an outpost or group with a certain cause. Or just do things to benefit the community of your smp :D
    also you wrote this so you're sworn in for 1000 days, no take backs
    Been so busy lately, sorry i haven't been on emc a lot, been busy! NO i will not leave emc until my 1000th day =3
  3. Consider coming on Mumble! Theres a load of people on there that like to find things to do & Most everybody really enjoys it and has a great time :)
  4. lol, trapped in emc XDD anyway thanks lol and good ideas =3
  5. whts mumble XD
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  6. Mumble is a program to talk with other people from EMC :) You can join an EMC group and when you push a button you can talk through your mic. It's a very good way to talk with other great people., by the way.
  7. thanks =D
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  8. Well, if you are having issue with something you are trying to do, ask around!
    Plus, should be more 'fun' than work. Yes I know sometimes you have to do the 'work' to get the items you need, however I think that most games are like this.

    Here, let me ask you this. What do you enjoy doing?
    Then the second question. What is stopping you from doing this?

    Heck, I still love to go mining and go mob hunting.

    Yup, I get on mumbles as well. I am not so talkative when doing mod work (others can attest to this), but its fun to talk to people if you have a mic and headphones for sure.
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  9. It looks like you do not want to leave. If you did, you would have just up and left without a thread.

    I suggest you take a minuscule break from EMC.
  10. Set a big goal and work towards it.
    Some examples...

    Earn a 2 DC's of some cool block, auction one and keep the other.

    Earn one DC of most items :).

    Get as high as you can on the Monthly XP Leaderboard, then lifetime.

    Go to an EMC smp server you don't play, and go way way out in the wild as many blocks as you can, maybe 100,000, then start a base (don't loose your bed).
    Take a friend.

    Try to use one single token :).

    Help someone asking for help.

    Earn as many rupees as you can.

    Give a lot of them away :).

    Go far out in the wild and dig a massive hole from surface to bedrock, then build walls to max build.

    Build and run a shop or service, be the best at one thing.

    Etc, Etc, lots to do :D.
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  11. Follow what the server for new people is when you log in, and give away normal cheap items like stone or some iron tools or farming stuff. Most newcomers are blown away by that kind of generosity. Reply and like new players that post in the introduce yourself. Answer forum questions, even if they are simple.

    Sponsor a build project in the wild. A road or bridge project or restore an area just outside of the periodic reset area. Don't forget about the nether. Make a ghast farm. Make one of the end portals on your server into a palace again.

    Taking a break is O.K., it's supposed to be a fun game with a community!
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  12. My opinion on this is you shouldnt have to ask if you should or should not stay on EMC. If you are having fun keep playing, if its the opposite, then dont play. I left (I still hang out on the forums) primarily because of my computer, but I would surely be playing if it was working as it should. People may point out things you can do, but like anything in life, if you arent enjoying it, it is most likely not for you.
    Or maybe dont call it quits right away. Take a break for as long as you feel like you want to go back.
    Hope you choose what you feel is best :)
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  13. If you leave now, you'll miss out on bouncy house parkour!:p
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  14. What's that?
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  15. Who said "yes" in the poll?
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  16. If I see my little strawberry leave I'm going to be very upset ;c

    Honestly, I got bored of EMC a pretty long time ago. I was going to leave a few months ago. But it's the forums and the community that keeps me here. I hardly ever go in game, unless there's an event. Try getting involved in a forum game or something, something that will keep you constantly engaged
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  17. My biggest suggestion is to make an outpost its fun to create a city and get people to come build and live in it.
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  18. You have much to learn...:cool:

    Actually, it's really simple. Bouncy slime blocks are one of the 1.8 features that will be available soon/eventually. Now imagine parkour where you don't just jump from block to block, but bounce off one block and aim for the next bouncy block!:D
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  19. *goes on creative world* Ahhh yeaaahhh, this is great!
    EDIT: It stinks. :3
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  20. a parkour made out of slime blocks on the new server