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  1. Hi gang,

    Pardon for any zpelling errors, it's been a rough day at work yet I still wanted to get this application done.

    Frontier Cleaning?

    The Frontier is the non-resetting survival building world but although it's preferred that you don't mine here sometimes "stuff happens", especially around the spawn areas (outposts). Several players are often busy to try and clean the place up a little, but there's only so much you can do as a single player.

    So I want to try to set up a group of some kind so that we might be able to take on larger projects.

    I'm pretty sure some of you have been here: an area suffered from a lot of damage so you start repairing. Unfortunately there's only so much you can do in one go (and you also got your own stuff to attend to!), and when you return the next time it seems as if all your progress has been undone.

    That's where it might help to try and group together.

    What this is not about..

    If you read previous posts (other thread) about this you probably noticed talks about policy drafts, determining when something is repairing and not griefing, etc, etc. So I think it's important to realize that this idea is not about trying to regulate or 'control' all repairs done in the Frontier. We all do our part, and that's our own business & responsibility.

    There are ideas to try and set up some kind of policy on how we might be able to deal with damaged and/or abandoned structures, but that's for later. But even then: such a policy would *not* intrude on whatever it is you're currently doing.

    The main focus for now is to try and form a group which can take on larger projects, chat and exchange tips, ideas, suggestions and eventually (hopefully!) we might be able to work together with staff to help clean things up and/or restore damaged landscapes.

    I probably forgot a few things here, but yah :p

    How to apply

    Reply to this thread and answer these questions:

    Which SMP do you most often play on?
    Which Frontier are you best familiar with (the areas around the EMC outposts)?
    Have you (tried to) restore/clean-up areas before? If yes: what did you do?
    Why do you want to join up?


    I mostly play on SMP2 (in town).

    I often visit the SMP2 frontier, but never go out too deep, so I'm decently familiar with the area there. I also often visit SMP4's Frontier but usually only 1 single EMC outpost (when going to/from the outpost I'm part of).

    I've filled up some holes, used bonemeal on some areas to get vegetation back and I also restored a few walls of building once.

    I want to join because I'm trying to start this group, and it would be silly if I wasn't part of that group to begin with :D

    What happens next?

    Assuming that some of you guys respond I'll eventually start a PM between all accepted applicants, then we'll try to get to know each other a bit better and see if we can somehow help each other out a bit.

    Then we'll see where we can go from there (trying not to get too far ahead on things, one step at a time).

    Summing up:

    Looking for players who would like to help clean up the damaged areas around the Frontier EMC outposts. Preferably players who are already (sporadically) cleaning / restoring a bit. The main idea is to try and group together, so that we may be able to take on bigger projects (restore / repair larger damaged areas).

    I'll probably have forgotten a few things, sorry, but I really wanted to get this thing out today.
  2. I wold like to volunteer.
    I have already pm'd staff on smp1 to gain their approval before I started clean up there. I even have 30 + dc's of dirt that anyone can access if they wanted to join me when I was doing it. At this moment I've been to preoccupied to attend to the gaping holes in the frontier. But I am interested in being better organized and reaching out beyond just smp1.
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  3. Hello,
    I've been remiss in posting an introduction (and I will at some point) but I saw this and had to respond.
    What a great idea, and extremely worthwhile. A never-ending battle, to be sure but, a little effort is
    required to make a great place even greater.
    Now, I've done some sporadic touch-ups to the frontier outpost areas on Smp5...obvious things like creeper-holes
    or the tell-tale bald spot indicating someones quick-dig of half a stack of dirt accompanied by a floating tree
    canopy ( I will be needing those saplings thank you very much). No mistaking spots like that and a very easy fix.
    Fill to shape and replant and off to the next spot. It's not so much a matter of needing to do this but wanting to do
    this I think....I'm still very new here (wow, approaching 2 months !) I would just like to give back a little to this
    great place that has already given me alot.
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  4. May I help? I love groups like this! :)
    I'd love to help on smp2. Also, I am a little confused on how to join.
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  5. Nice turn up so far, I'll sort the whole thing out next week. For now: bump!

    I'm hoping to get one player per SMP, even though that's not likely to happen.
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  6. Which SMP do you most often play on? smp6
    Which Frontier are you best familiar with (the areas around the EMC outposts)? i already maintain the east outpost along with perry_stahlsis and a few others like littlegamer04
    Have you (tried to) restore/clean-up areas before? If yes: what did you do? yup, i cleaned em up
    Why do you want to join up? cause i already do dis so ummm yeah congratulations! im accepted!
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  7. I play most often on smp2 and sometimes smp8
    I am most familiar with the southern frontier area on smp2
    I have tried to clean before, and even partialyl restored an island
    I just don't like the mess
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  8. I'll help out when I can Shell. Public Wild Utilities eats almost all of my time in game. I need a break really soon because I am starting to suffer burn out. I am probably gonna take a few weeks off once the witch hut is built. It's starting to feel like a job and not like fun to me, which means it is BREAK time. Gonna go mining and kill some mobs and work on a few things just for fun or even -gasp- play a different game altogether.

    North, C headed to End, End, Nether
    You expect me to remember? Do you know me? ;)
    Because I opened my big mouth on the other thread, and because I do this kinda thing anyway when I can. I think it's important to take pride not just in our town builds, but in all the parts of our server. Having our wild spawns look cared for and repaired is part of being an active caring member of EMC to me.
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  9. Which SMP do you most often play on? Smp2
    Which Frontier are you best familiar with (the areas around the EMC outposts)? Not familiar with any, really. Haven't been playing that long.
    Have you (tried to) restore/clean-up areas before? If yes: what did you do? Liquidated 4 DCs of dirt into holes in the centre frontier. (On smp2)
    Why do you want to join up? I'm too busy to really help with this, but I can supply large amounts of bonemeal and saplings to help.
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  10. Which SMP do you most often play on? SMP9
    Which Frontier are you best familiar with (the areas around the EMC outposts)? Mostly the ones around center on SMP9, some around East outpost.
    Have you (tried to) restore/clean-up areas before? If yes: what did you do? Helped clean up the SMP9 East outpost. You can see the work North of the outpost :p
    Why do you want to join up? My team already does things like this (R.I <--- My team) so it would be nice to be part of a bigger group that does this too.
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  11. I moved my res back to smp3. :D
    I usually play on the NW Area.
    And yes, I occasionally filled up holes or made 'bridges' over huge ravines.
    Why I want to join? 1. I need to spend more time in the frontier.
    2. I haven't really joined any outposts, so I think this will be a great start.
    3. I want to help out more. I spend too much time in town. :p
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  12. I tried to start something like this once before, but like you said, it was more of a "let's revise the rules" type of thing. Love the idea though, so...

    Which SMP do you most often play on? I'm actually just returning to the Empire now that anti-griefing is added, but I have residences on SMP4, SMP6, and SMP8.

    Which Frontier are you best familiar with (the areas around the EMC outposts)? Again, just returning so none in particular, but I did notice that SMP4 has some areas that are completely torn up.

    Have you (tried to) restore/clean-up areas before? If yes: what did you do? I tried to start working on a project like this before, but I lacked the resources. I have quite a few resources now, but it might take me a while to find them all.

    Why do you want to join up? I HATE seeing Frontier areas destroyed beyond recognition. To me, naturally generated landscapes in Minecraft are like unfinished works of art. Players should mould it to their will, but never ruin them. Kinda like littering IRL, it's utterly revolting to me.
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  13. I've been slacking a little with this one, but in a few days I'll make an overview of all the applications I have so far (especially where everyone is located, the main idea is to try and gather people from every SMP if possible).

    Another interesting development is the introduction of anti grief protection. This is interesting because the blocks which I'd deem important for cleaning up are also blocks which don't fall within the protection (dirt, wood logs, etc.).

    So I think this could be an ongoing project even with anti-grief installed.

    I hope to finish my overview this week.
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  14. True they're not protected but that doesn't mean they can't become protected.

    The area you'd like to clean up is the first 1-3k blocks of the Empire outposts. So if the staff would agree simply use /buildmode and replace the top level to beautify the land. That way people could still build houses and if the need would arise that they'd like a basement then I'm sure a voucher could be given for that person from the frontier land cleanup team. After all those vouchers only last 30 minutes.
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  15. Absolutely!

    But I'm not too sure staff would agree with that. To be honest: I'm not too sure I'd be in favour of this myself either. Because you'd also prevent players to build something underground, and I don't think that's an ideal situation. Still, it makes a very good & interesting argument and I'm sure we'll be having one (not just right here & now please) :)
  16. Small bump & status overview...

    As we hopefully all know Anti-Griefing has become a thing which means quite a few things are going to change. Anyway, I have been side-tracked a little bit because of it (guide, testing, etc.) but right now I plan to sort out all the applications next week.

    By that time I'll also start the PM thread which we can use to brainstorm about the Frontier ideas.

    In the mean time I figured a small "informational bump" wouldn't hurt :)
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  17. Which SMP do you most often play on?

    Smp9 but also Smp1. I might get an alt to play on Smp8 or Smp9 with too.

    Which Frontier are you best familiar with (the areas around the EMC outposts)?

    Smp9, but I haven't explored much

    Have you (tried to) restore/clean-up areas before? If yes: what did you do?

    I cleaned up the waste on SMP1 once before, I used dirt to make the different paths wider and I also filled in (not just covered) all the creeper holes. I also bought 4 stacks of torches to light up the area again. I also fixed a mine shaft that had water flowing everywhere

    Why do you want to join up?
    I'd like to help fix the waste because it often gets filled with holes that make it harder for me and other players to get in and out
  18. My preferred SMP is SMP3 however I am willing to clean up any smp's frontier.

    I don't really know my way around the frontier because I prefer town however I should still be able to get around.

    A long time ago I partially covered up SMP3's frontier, but it wasn't a terrific job. Also if I see a broken path or wall I will usually fix it.

    I have been a part of this community for four and a half freaking years without doing anything notable. I think it's time to give back.

    Hopefully it isn't too late to submit an application
  19. My smp is 5.
    I think this is a great idea but doesn't staff have the ability to just reset selected areas near frontier spawns so that the landscape can be regenerated that way?
    But, in lieu of that, I am willing to assist manually fixing the unsightly areas.
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  20. Yes they do, and it's also sporadically happening. You can see the area on the livemaps (here is a good example), it's the area between the read and yellow border.

    But I think that link also shows the problem: there have been plenty of players building in that 'reset area'. So it could create some tension if staff were to "simply" reset it (note: just my impression on the whole thing).

    So I hope that our group may also be able to help out a bit with this.
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