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  1. Well I think it's pretty much official, 1.3 is the worst update in the history of MC. I just wanted to thank jeb and his team for screwing up minecraft. I remember a month ago I couldn't sleep because I thought 1.3 was going to come out the next day. Well now that it's out I realize that there wasn't much to be excited for. I went out to unexplored territory and it took me 2 hours to make a trip that should have taken me 15 minutes, lets just say it was not a fun trip.

    Pros of 1.3: Villager trading, nether wart grows in overworld, and easier enchanting.

    Cons of 1.3: Massive lag spikes every 6 seconds, servers crash at least 1 time a day, when exploring new chunks MC crashes every 10 minutes, boats teleport you into islands that are within 40 blocks, boats spontaneously explode, and last but not least players are invisible when riding boats.
  2. most of the problems are being fixed as we speak
  3. By who?

  4. Well if your going to stop playing minecraft because of bugs which we get every update, the door is open.
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  5. Dont forget:
    Missing Items, Chest bugs, Furnaces, Invisable Pistons w/ blocks.
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  6. When did I say I was going to leave?
  7. Well with how your complaining over stuff that happens EVERY update, it sure seems like it.
  8. I know this happens every update, but this update its terrible but I think a lot of the bugs are because of the unstable craftbukkit++
  9. At least last time this happened mojang fixed it within the first few hours of the release. Mojang said they were not going to make an update just to fix these bugs instead they think it would be better just to wait another 6 months to release 1.4.
  10. All I can say is,

    Most of the bugs are from Bukkit. They will be fixed.
  11. I will deal with it, I just want to rant because this update is pretty dang sad in my opinion.
  12. than write a book about it in game :confused:
  13. I would rather post it here on the forums were others who would actually like to see minecraft progress instead of degrease can see it, maybe this will show you what I am talking about.
    Whats funny is in the last one you are posting about how bad 1.3 is.
  14. no i said the server cause its server issues
  15. I don't think any of those are pro's. Villager-trading screws up the economy and is boring to do; wart growing in overworld removes the challenge of farming it, and the easier enchanting means anyone can get high-level picks with very little effort, which again reduces the challenge of the game.


    (And yes, the piston-glitches and chest-glitches are big problems)
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  16. Wait wait wait. Did you say nether warts grow in the overworld?
  17. Non of the issues stated above have anything to do EMC, notice how non of these problems were happening before the update.
  18. Case and point they are not even good pros.
  19. Yep, even in town - this is on my res on SMP9 (19000),

    The wart was there before the update (as decoration) but would never have grown.
  20. Herobrin, no offence, but you're complaining about everything. I don't mean Block-X, or the other bugs. I mean how you oppose PVP, the new shop, villager trading, netherwart, coca beans (I'd presume), and the enchantments. I am seriously annoyed by these bugs too, and absolutely hate the Block-X glitch, but you demean the actual problems to a single afterthought. I personally am excited at the new features, and frustrated at the bugs, not the new features. Again, no offence.
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