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  1. As many of you know, their is a common 1.3 SMP glitch, pistons may stop working, and if broken, may turn into invisible, unbreakable blocks. I have nicknamed it Block X. I have done some tests on it, as to attempt to discover how it behaves, is of any value, and most importantly, if they can be gotten rid of. However, feel free to make your own tests, and we can also discuss things about it here.
    -See through, besides the edges telling you what your cursor is over.
    -It is indestructible.
    -When hit, it makes the flakes of stone blocks, one of which is the piston.
    -Light blocks may travel through it
    .- A player walking into causes them to be unable to move from the spot.
    - Block may be placed on it.
    - Can glitch into other blocks, make them occupy partway inside of an existing block.
    - Water treats it as a solid block, unable to pass through it.
    - When hit, the flags system does not say you do not have build perms.
    - Lava treats it as a solid block.
    - Mobs cannot move inside them, but they do not appear glitched
    - Redstone cannot be pleaced on top of it
    - It cannot be powered to do anything
    - Sand falls through it, then pops back up to the top of the block
    - You cannot light them on fire, though for a little bit, the light comes up, but not the animation.
    - Sometimes, if shot with an arrow, the arrow will fly through.
    - Torches may not be placed on it.
    -Another piston will not push or pull it
    -When the block is changed into Block X, that blocks it would have pushed disappear.
    - Are mainly created when broken pistons, E.G one thats do not work, are hit or broken.
    Sorry for the dark text, but I copyed and pasted it. Anyway, I still need so meone to test if it may be blown up with TNT. Now, CONVERSE!

    Now, I have in fact found a way to fix it. If you have NO powered blocks around it, eventaully they likely will revert. This process can take a day, or it could take two weeks. However, do not reuse these pistons until they are fixed. Simply break them, which has a small chance of truning into Block X, or leave them there, so at least they are not glitched. If you have working pistons, remove their redstone, and any blocks they are touching. Then, if you wish to take the risk, break them.
  2. It's properties also cause connected blocks to 'evaporate', allow me to give an example.

  3. I don't have a before pic but here are two pic of block X , first being cookie gen and the second is a cocoa farm i was working on
  4. Thanks for the input. Added to the list.
  5. Aargh; I just checked my own "piston door" and, yep, 6 gold blocks and 6 diamond blocks... gone :-(
  6. Warning to anybody with functioning Piston Doors. Immediately disable the doors, remove all wiring, and mine the materials up so they don't evaporate.
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  7. iv got 2 that i can pour water on and it travels through it. so not sure why mine it goes through and yours gets treated as a solid block. mine was sticky pistons not sure if that makes a difference.
  8. I have tested with both. That orginally seemed the case with mine, but then I realized it was just massive lag.
  9. Updated the list a bit. Also, I have discovered that over time, with no powered blocks around Block X, it may turn back to normal.
  10. Update: just sign on about 5 min ago to check Block X and it is gone.My Sticky and Regular pistons on my res are there and make to normal :D
  11. Thats what happened to mine. I still suggest turning off any redstone connections, and mmaybe mine them up. To contuine testing, I just remade them.
  12. i remade mine and the ones on my stone gen have now gone back to block x. the piston door ones im not sure of as so far only the piston plate has gone invisible and im not going to remine it just incase it goes to block x.
  13. what if its a new but unfinished block?
  14. O NOES
  15. Not exactly sure what you mean. However, ANY sticky piston can become block x. However, if connected to redstone power, the chances greatly increase.
  16. Image fail.
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  18. Lucky I dont use pistons, but I have had issues with blocks disappearing.
  19. i ment what if it is a unfinished block that wasn't put in