Confused question.

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  1. It might seem simple, but all the staff members that I asked this questions either did not understand me, or did not know the answer. So now I am turning to the forums to see if a higher-up staff member can answer this question.

    A while back I was a diamond supporter for over a year+, which means I had 4 res's all on smp1.

    I took off supporter before I had taken a break ( off topic ). Anyway's I no longer am a supporter, but I unclaimed my 2nd and 3rd res, leaving me with only my First and Last (4th) res.

    Now my question is, is there a way to be able to change my 4th home into my 2nd home, so I may have res's 1 and 2 - instead of having as it is right now reses 1 and 4?
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  2. I know what you are talking about, and that is sadly not the case. There is no way to change that around at this moment in time :(.
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  3. Currently this is not an option. Although it is planned to make this fixed in the future
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  4. I think Aikar can actually do this for you.. it's possible, but the question is will he do it? lol
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  5. Technically he could, a proper fix for it needs done though. ;)
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  6. Databases will flip out which is why the fix has to be implemented. I think it may be possible soon though =)
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  7. Lol I remember when he did this the first time, there was quite the madness. :p
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  8. the real question is why did you unclaim your second and third residences?
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  9. yes but its expensive and difficult. seniorstaff has to move both your reses to somewhere then unclaim all of them then you reclaim and reorder them, anything in chests or teleports or things on itemframes will need to be moved by you
  10. Thank you everyone for your responses! I guess I must wait then. :)
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  11. Every time I see the title of this thread, I think the question itself is confused.
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  12. Regarding your title, it is common for a question to be confused. It usually ends as it is a phase. If your question is confused for too long, then we will talk business.

    Regarding your post, it looks answered to me.
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  13. What you could do is a res move, but with the new res being your old res.
    res4 gets copied to clipboard, res4 gets unclaimed, res is reclaimed and will be res2, clipboard is copied to res2. Unfortunately this will cost 100,000r (200,000r if utopian res).
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  14. 100k, is quite a bit for myself being no longer a supporter, or a mall owner.. lol

    Thank you though
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  15. The only problem I could see with res auto re-assignment would be what if a person had say 2 reses... they unclaimed the first one, was about to go claim another res... the 2nd one would automatically become their home res... even if he/she didn't want it to...

    So* what could be a solution would be anyone that has ever been or currently is a 'veteran supporter' ... meaning they have more than one res... he/she could have the /res reassign command

    what this would do is first check to see how many reses he/she has ....

    Then it would do an if statement to basically say:

    if the resident count of player is 1 ... if the player's first residence's name is not equal to the owner, change the residence name to the owner.

    if the resident count is more than 1, it would set the owner to a variable (example %owner%) ... then would change the entire name of the residence to %owner%, %owner%-2 etc... if they are in the correct order... maybe there could be an option to change the order (if you wanted).

    I know the old command for this was
    /res rename (Old name) (New name)
    When you type /v (name)-2 .... that's a res name itself

    - what happened to that command?
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  16. like i said
    nobody listens to old bite :(
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  17. Why did I get a notice that someone replied to this thread?
    *scratches head in confusion*
    bite, your response mentioned moving the res somewhere then moving back mine was less complex.
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  18. Items in chests are moved along with the chest, although some player like to put sentimental items in their vault first so they retain the original and not a copy of it (I know the 1s & 0s that make up the item is copied every time you move the item but whats the harm).
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