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  1. I don't get along with mods on other servers (but on EMC they're awesome :D).

    I'm insecure. Probably because i've been bullied all of my life at school and have 1 friend.

    My favourite TV shows (and probably the only TV shows I watch) are The Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother.

    My favourite movies are The Hunger Games and The Last Exorcism (It's not even scary, it's funny :p).

    My favourite books are The Hunger Games and the Percy Jackson series, and the Changeling books.

    My favourite sport is Danish Longball but I like swimming also.

    Ever since 2008 i've wanted to be in the Olympics, but i'm no athlete. I run out of breath pretty quickly and I can only just about swim.

    I've been game programming for 3 years.

    I have made 1 Minecraft mod but it is only for 1.0. I hope to make a reboot of it soon.

    I was born on the 10th May 2000, 10 days before I was supposed to be born. I made a knot in my cord and I drowned in my mum's own blood, and when I was cut out I was on life support for 1 week and I was in an incubator. I'm really lucky to be a member here on EMC, because I slipped away 3 times on the life support and my heart wasn't beating when I was born.

    I don't like to tell people i'm 12 years old because then people will go 'Get away you dumb 12 year old" or something. I am actually pretty good in English, Science, History and Geography. A* in all of them and my results for those lessons were either 4A, 5A, or 6A. I also received an award for History.

    I am one quarter welsh, one quarter irish, and 5% Spanish (my great grandad on my dad's side of the family is the immigrant). I was born in England and have lived in England all of my life.

    I live in a town called Runcorn, it's about half an hour away from Liverpool. I hate living here, because there's too many theives, people who do drugs, people abuse their children and parents often call their kids 'mistakes'. Oh, and some woman across the road was beat up by her husband in her front garden a few months ago. And somebody was shot dead a few weeks ago.

    I plan to move to Liverpool when I'm 22.

    Now here's a picture of my juvenile axolotl, Cocoa. He is just one of my 2 axolotls I am keeping:

    I also have a dog and my sister has 2 fish.
  2. I also forgot to mention my grandad (before he passed away 13 years ago) made the hospice of my town. Proof? Right here:
  3. It's very good to know you! I understand what it is like to live in a place you despise, but it's always good to have an idea and hopes of where you would like to go... hold on to those. And like you, I don't like to tell people my age, I'm 41 and I really don't want to hear, "Stop playing video games old man."
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  4. My dad is almost 42 and he still plays games. He plays both of the Bioshocks, he plays Homefront and since I don't play it very often he sometimes gives my copy of Battlefield 3 a run :p
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  5. I really only have two games I'm really "committed" to, Minecraft and Borderlands. There are more I would like to play, but I tend to get rather obsessive about video games! :)
  6. Borderlands is awesome. I can't wait to play the sequel :D
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  7. Soul I thought you were older than 12, no lie xD. Your posts come across seriously more mature than most 12 year olds I know. The town I live in currently isn't the best but I know from personal experience all the crazy that goes on with drugs and whatnot. I also know the whole "mistakes" thing too. I'm insecure, it took me a bit to feel like I wasn't gonna get flamed on EMC forums but I stuck with it. I'm totes jelly of thost Axolotls.

    My dad is almost, or already 50 and he's the reason I got hooked on games. He, mom and my uncle used to sit up late and play NES. I remember them doing it when I was little and even as I grew up. We used to play NES, Sega, N64 together and we used to have a guild on Maple Story, I think at some point he played Runes of Magic, he has a PS3. He always got mixed reactions when people in game found out his age. Half would be like "HOLY COW I WISH MY DAD PLAYED *GAMENAME* WITH ME!" but then there were the "Eww, you're too freaking old to play this, that's disgusting and creepy."

    I read a thread on Lord of The Rings Online with some "Older Generation people" as they said. One guy on there posted that he is 50, he plays in a group with his sister and their 80 year old Mom. You're never too old as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Yeah, alot of people in real life say that i'm too mature to be 12 years old XD Another thing, everybody who I know (who are my age) swear and make jokes that I won't say on here because i'd get banned, and think that homosexuals are aliens and some people from my year are also racists who think that only Americans and Europeans are 'normal'. I think everybody is normal and I don't swear either.
    They were my birthday present from this year :p I had 24 and now only 4 are left, including the ones i'm keeping. The other 2 are too small to be alive, and they're going to float into Axolotl heaven soon
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  9. I would love to visit England (I live in America). I'm one quarter Irish and three quarters English. I enjoy many American sports, USA soccer is not one of them.... I absolutely love the English Premiere League!

    Have you visited any other parts of England that you like?
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  10. That happens everywhere xD

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  11. I went up further north for my holiday in 2010. I went to a holiday park called Primrose valley, and I went on a school trip to london in 2011. I go to liverpool atleast twice every month and I don't think i've ever been to Manchester. I've only left the UK once, which is when I went to my auntie's and uncle's wedding in cyprus.
  12. What makes it worse is that the nearest amphibian vet is in a different country :(
  13. -I'm a brony.

    - I'm a "Homestucker" I think they call it.

    -I prefer magic over might in most RPG cases, but I'll go with Rouge as a secondary.

    -I'm a Pokemon fan. (Although the Geoduck thing kinda gives that away...)

    -I'm lazy. Like, very lazy.

    -I can't stand typing any other way than I do now; I think that correct spelling/grammar/etc. is very important to get a grasp on.

    And that's about it.
  14. -I too am a brony.
    -This is my life. Literally, the Internet is my home life.
    -I am such a gamer that I was recognized by the teachers in my school.
    -I don't care for sports, minus soccer, basketball, and perhaps golf.
    -I am a cynophobic, I have a phobia of dogs.
    -My brother was in the baseball draft.
    -I live in a town that's is incredibly uneventful. No crime or anything. It's creepy.
    -I have a cat named Chloe, and she has countless nicknames made by various amily members including: Stupid, Moron, Fat Cat, and Mrs. Noodles, and Meow.
    -I wish to learn how to create electronic music, but installing ViST's (I think?) is such a pain.
    -I'm trying to see how many Think Geek shirts (or something similar) I could get. I'm at 5.
    -Zombie's are getting old to me.
    -I dislike bad grammar, but I am not a grammar nazi.
    -I have needed glasses since birth, I an farsighted, but my vision is improving to the point where my vision might be corrected without surgery. No glasses is a prospect I fear.
    -I'm shy and quiet, but everyone knows me
    -I cannot remember names.
    -I rarely see my dad lately, he has to travel across the country.
    -I feel nerd or geek is not an insult by any definition of the word.
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  15. I gotta admit, that was actually quite brave, I think.
    Not a lot of people would have the guts to say that much personal stuff about them.
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  16. My birthday is also May 10th.
  17. Mine is also
  18. I'm a grammar nazi. Don't ask me why: if yu tak lyk dis ten i haz no respkt for u.
    I do (slight) anger issues.
    I'm a rebel gamer: if my parents caught me gaming they'd probably ground me for 3 months.
    I could make the Olympics if I lowered my 5k time by 4 minutes and my 400 time by 15 seconds. Seeing as that will likely never happen, it's doubtful I'll ever make the Olympics.
    I don't really have much of a taste for movies or books: they're all different and good in their own ways.
    My favorite TV shows are How I met your Mother and Community.
    I have a desire to live in every densely populated urban community in the world.
    I also want to learn 5 languages: English (learned), Spanish (finishing up classes), Mandarin, Russian, and German.
    I live right outside Los Angeles, not in it. I live right down the block from where Project X took place, if you're into that stuff. I also went to primary school above the Rose Bowl.
    Ethnically, I am the following:
    1/2 Chinese
    1/8 Swiss
    1/8 Italian
    1/16 Native American
    Everything else is a complete mystery. My grandpa was a mixed bag of races.

    EDIT* I was not born on May 10.
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  19. May 10th here to lol
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  20. Woahh... many people born in may 10th..