Computers changed our lives, in MY days....

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  1. Hi gang!

    All you youngsters with your PC's and tablets and such, I know that some of you can't even imagine a life without a computer around (to be perfectly honest I do fall into the same category a bit). I still remember a family meeting where my father sometimes talked about his youth; a time where they didn't even have television. "So, your family couldn't afford one?", one of the younger family members asked. However, that wasn't the case: televisions simply didn't exist back then. At all :)

    But back to the computer... I'm looking forward to spending time on EMC this evening and was thinking, how computers have changed things.

    So let me tell you a story kids, in MY time.... ( :cool: )

    In my time an application wasn't something you used on your tablet or your phone. No, an application was something you sent in when you were looking for a job. And speaking of that tablet... That wasn't some fancy portable computer; it was something you used to serve drinks to your guests.

    A program? That was something you watched on your television in the evening.

    Memory? Nah, memory was something old people would lose over time :eek:

    A keyboard? That was a musical instrument, not something to type letters on.

    A hard drive you wonder? Well, nobody ever looked forward to that one :D

    The web was where you could find spiders :eek:

    If you had a virus then you were really better off spending the day in bed...

    A mouse pad was a place where mice actually lived.

    And if you had a 3.5" floppy?

    ... Well, then you just hoped that nobody would find out :p

    Yes, I'm just being a bit silly and in a very good mood. I do hope that last one isn't overdoing it.
  2. *Clicks link*
    *Quickly types first*

    Uhm.. interesting for some of those..

    I'm not sure how I am suppose to take one of them..
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  3. *clicks link*
    *got beaten to typing first*

    Back in my day though... uhm... I had... a gameboy advanced sp. Still best gaming system I ever owned IMO.
  4. I remember having a PlayStation...the original one. I also remember when Windows 3.1 was a huge deal because it was "replacing" DOS.

    Ah, DOS. Those were the days. Games like Moria, Dangerous Dave, Tyrian and DooM still beat out most of the games on the market now, IMO.
  5. Stop making me feel old, Shell. :(
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  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Remember when pong came out? It was amazing how they could do that. How could computers do anything better then pong.
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  8. Awesome. :D
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  9. That was a bit cliché, but fun nonetheless ;)
    I guess I'm a youngster, but at least I was born in the twentieth century :rolleyes: Oh, and my Atari ST, Gameboy Color and decades old television should make up for the "youngsterness" ;)
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  10. *Reads title*
    Oh dear... not again plz...
    :p <3
    you don't type letters on a keyboard, you use your keyboard to print (yeah, the modern print AKA show, not print from digital to paper) letters on your screen.

    Pff.... Typical mistakes for old people...
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  11. You and and me are in the same boat my friend.

    EDIT: NO doublecakes9001, no boats are required here! :) (internal joke ;))

    Best to jest and make fun of it I think ;)
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  13. Hee hee hee :p let's just say that in this day in age, the world is a bit spoiled.....
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  14. i haven't seen one of those in like......years
  15. I see them all of the time!

    It's nice to see somebody make a physical version of the save button. [/PretendingToBeDumb]
  16. lol, work and i see that...sneaky sneaky
  17. Strange to think the 3.5" floppy remains our universal "save" icon, long after the medium itself is dead.
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  18. I saw dozens of those moments ago! ;D
    And at least half still have intact games, software, administration or other interesting stuff on them.
  19. Man, my third floor is -full- of physical save buttons. I set my spawn there so if I die, it reset the universe to that point so I can try again.
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  20. LOL