[Completed] [Giveaway] 2 Gold Supporter Memberships !

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by cadgamer101, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. December/Christmas giveaway...

    Update: Complete
    Post Announcing Winners:

    I want to thank the players that helped me earn rupees for another giveaway.
    And thank Staff for the Supporter promo/gifts.

    This time I will give away 2 Gold Supporter 1 Month memberships.
    These will be memberships not vouchers, so only regular members can enter themselves.
    If you are a supporter then you have to say which regular member you are entering.
    I ask for no alts please, as I want these to go to peoples main account for the most benefit.
    In other words if you are a supporter, please nominate someone else who is a regular member (and not your alt).
    With Gold Supporter, you can get a 2nd res (in Utopia town or wherever), go to Utopia wild, get the rupee bonus, Sr staff service discount, etc, etc.

    You will have two days from the time of this post to enter.
    To enter just reply Once to this thread.
    Reminder, each post needs to either be a regular member or a supporter nominating a regular member, no alts.
    Winners picked by random.org

    Also, for this months giveaway, I donated to two other great giveaways, so check these out...



    Update: Complete
    Post Announcing Winners:
  2. Well, Thanks for doing this I guess? :)
  3. Enter - galazeek
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  4. Entering - BrenJone
    Thanks :)
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  5. Enter: Brystal14
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  6. Well, this sounds like a nice competition. Might as well enter and see what happens ;)

    SO yeah; cool idea, I'm in!
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  7. i would love to be golden :p
    but i already have been it once so i don't really need it
    plz enter kosterhaus in for me ;)
    she deserves one
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  8. Thanks for doing this :D enter - neonkillah
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  9. enter: Testman12345
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  10. Very nice of you to do this!

    Enter: SheIsNice
  11. Thanks for doing this! :D

    Enter - Gadget_AD
  12. Once
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  13. Nice! It is indeed really kind of you, thanks.

    Enter - DauntlessClove
  14. Enter - Dj__Krazy, it's like Christmas :D
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  15. Once to this thread.
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  16. Can I getta gold rank!?
  17. This is an awesome give-away! :)
    Enter: lovingmillie05
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  18. This sounds amazing! Thank you so much. :) Enter me, please. :) Thanks! :D
  19. Thanks for this!
  20. Wow, very generous of you :)
    I'd like to turn golden for the first time :p
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