[Event] Bro's X-mas Giveaway!

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What is your Favorite color of Wool?

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Blue 23 vote(s) 29.9%
Pink 6 vote(s) 7.8%
Red 16 vote(s) 20.8%
Lime 27 vote(s) 35.1%
Dark Green 6 vote(s) 7.8%
Orange 12 vote(s) 15.6%
Purple 13 vote(s) 16.9%
Magenta 9 vote(s) 11.7%
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  1. Well guys, the Christmas Season is officially here! And I am getting into the spirit of Giving :)

    From now until 12:00am December 25th (EMC time), anyone on EMC, no matter how new/old, what server, whether you even know me or not, is eligible to ask for something :)

    When you post (if you want a gift), Give a small wishlist of 3 items. Keep in mind that if it is an item that a ton of people ask for too, you may not get as much/ if any at all (if its rediculous). I'm only asking when you write the wishlist, to please take into consideration the price. If you ask for 3 items totaling 20k (random high number), I may not give you what you ask for.

    Please also say a reason why you like EMC, or a reason you are grateful for something, something to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit :) That would be really great too

    As I continue to work on these, I will update the thread to add more information, etc.

    I'm hoping some staff will donate Christmas Cards (signed book saying Merry Christmas) or something easy along those lines :)

    Res number for all the chests will be at 8080 (smp4)

    You will be able to open your [Access] chests at res 8080 Christmas Morning (EMC time) whenever I get up & get on (probably pretty early as my brother always wakes me up)


    If you want to donate Rupees: Send Bro_im_infinite a pm on the site.

    If you want to donate Items: Send Bro_im_infinite a pm on the site.

    If you want to be anonymous, let me know in the pm. If not, I will form a list at the bottom of the post :)

    Want to donate, but don't have enough Rupees or Items?

    Send Bro_im_infinite a pm on the site, and I can help you get some book & quills. If you want to wish players a Merry Christmas or something :)

    UPDATES WILL GO HERE: If your favorite color of wool was not in the question (i ran out of responses), post it along with your post :)
  2. Item Donations:


    Rupee Donations:

    Cadgamer101: 50,000 Rupees
    BlackKnight1021: 31,096 Rupees
    BanditLM: 6,600 Rupees
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  3. so, wait what do we do
  4. What are we allowed to ask for?
    Are we allowed to ask for promos/rares or not?
  5. Post 3 things in a wishlist that you would like :)
    if it costs a lot, you probably wont get what you asked for, You'll still get something though
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  6. Ah, alright then.
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  7. Wishlist
    Bookshelves (Any amount)
    Why I love EMC? Well I started off playing Minecraft but felt like my work was going to no where, as I would be the only one who can see what I did. I went off searching for servers, and EMC came up so I tried it. For 3 years (Tomorrow is my 3rd year) I played on EMC as it was/is my favourite server. I have always said to many people, if EMC was not a server, I probably would not be playing Minecraft in general!
    Thank you Bro for doing this, this community is one of the greatest I have seen.
  8. I wasn't planning to do my secret santa thing again, thanks for covering it. (Maybe next year ;))
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  9. Wish List:
    - Quartz
    - Cool fireworks
    -Anything staff signed (especially krysyy, since she's so cool :D)

    Why I love EMC- My friend had invited me onto a server, but it had problems, so my other friend Kosterhaus said I should join EMC. She loved it, and now ive played on it for over a year, and Koster is almost on their 1000th day!

    Thank You!!!
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  10. Thanks for doing this.
    For this month, instead of my usual giveaway, I will donate to this and at least one more giveaway.
    I sent 50 k your way to help with as many people as possible.

    For me, please mail me a simple signed card, that is all, thanks.

    The gameplay and people make EMC great.
  11. I would like:
    1. Friendship
    2. A girlfriend
    3. 1 poisonous potato

    I love EMC because it's a place where I can let my weird out. Nobody here judges me for it, and in fact, many people match my wierdness (lookin at you, SMP8, http://empireminecraft.com/threads/smp8-you-worry-me.42768/). It's wonderful, I can be myself, what else could a guy ask for?
  12. Wishlist:
    Diamonds renamed to anything christmassy
    A book signed by someone random lol dont care who
    A cool players head that I can look at randomly

    I love emc because it is a place where i have found many friends and many more to come. It is very welcoming and I hope to spend many years on it! What more could you want in a mc server, even the staff are fun to talk to.
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  13. Wish list!

    1. Renamed anything
    2. Staff signed books (probably unlikely to get, but it'd be cool :p)
    3. Staff heads, doesn't matter who, just anyone but just_five_fun (no offence to just_five_fun, he's cool, I just already have his head :p)

    I am grateful for, to start this off, you! This is an amazing event, and I think it's really nice to give back to the community in basically any way, from dirt to diamonds. So, I'm definitely grateful for this event :D
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  14. Ooh, a wishlist :D
    1. Emeralds
    2. Stone bricks
    3. Pistons
    Thanks for doing this, and way t kick off the Christmas season :)
  15. A wishlist! :)

    I'm new to the server so I'm not sure if I'm asking a lot but I'm going to ask anyways. :D

    1. Diamonds :)
    2. A Nice Set of Mob Hunting Diamond Armor/Weapon :D
    3. Golden Carrots :)

    Thanks for doing this by the way and Merry Christmas :)
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  16. 1. Beacon
    2. Hardened clay
    3. Spruce Logs

    I like EMC as I get to talk to many people have loads of fun!
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  17. 1)Glowstone

    I love EMC because it is the only place that I can kick back with my friends and have fun. Even though I find some of them annoying, I would always forgive them for the holidays
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  18. wishist
    Quartz blocks
    quartz pillars
    a nice fortue pic

    this is al for my mal and thanks a ton for whatever i get :D
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  19. 1: 'Bone Promo'
    2: PARTAY
    3: A piece of paper renamed 'Used tissue'

    I am very thankful for EMC because it was been great to see other builds that inspire me to do better in my own buildings as well as the people that I have met and become friends with.
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  20. Wish list:


    Thank you :) u can chose my presents, I am just happy that u are doing this :)
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