(Complete)[GIVEAWAY] Ore Buster !

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  1. UPDATE: Giveaway Complete, see page 4 for list of winners. Thanks.

    This time I will give away 1 Unused Ore Buster!
    Also, I will give 2nd place 1 Beacon, and 3rd place 1 stack of Gold Blocks.

    1. You will have 24 hours from the time of this post to enter (closes April 10th 3:30 PM EMC /time).
    2. No alts please, one entry per person.
    3. This is open to all players, which includes moderators.
    4. No banned accounts (this includes temp bans), checked at the time of the drawing.
    5. Winners will be picked by random.org using you post number (see on the lower right this post says #1).
    6. To enter just reply to this thread.
    7. Please just reply one time to make the drawing easier (you can edit your one post, if you want), I may have double posts deleted, to make our drawing #'s easier.
    8. Please be patient if I do not announce winners immediately after the entry deadline passes.

    UPDATE: Giveaway Complete, see page 4 for list of winners. Thanks.
  2. Entering :) Thanks!
  3. Thanks for another Giveaway!
  4. Awesome. Thanks for hosting another giveaway! :)
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  5. awesome giveaway!
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  6. Yay! :D I always love it when you do these giveaways, so nice of you! :D
  7. Awesome giveaway Cad. Once again, that is. :p
  8. Thank you cad! :)
  9. Thanks for the giveaway, really generous of you:)
  10. Wow you are giving away an ore buster? You are very generous! :)
  11. Nice, Thanks :)
  12. So nice. Thank you!
  13. Very generous of you, thanks :)
  14. Ooh. Might as well.. c:
  15. lol rule n.8
  16. *Puts on "I love cadgamer giveaways!" T-shirt*
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  17. You are awesome for doing these giveaways ;)
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