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Do you like this project?

YES! I wanted to use EMC residences in SP for a long time! 193 vote(s) 85.8%
No, i'd rather keep online buildings online 32 vote(s) 14.2%
  1. wallpaper-309262.jpg
    Hello great community of the Empire!

    I've come up with a fun project! My idea is to combine EMC's best residences from ALL servers (SMP 1-9 + Utopia) into One nice singleplayer map for all you Emperians to play in!
    Partners in Crime:



    The best residence i will use in my Single player map will get 30k rupees (30.000r)
    The follow ups:
    - 25.000r
    - 20.000r
    - 15.000r
    - 10.000r
    - 5.000r

    Other prices might be added later (depending on my own budget and donations that might come)

    I will start with a Maximum residence amount of 100 to start copy pasting into the single player map. I will judge all your creations one by one!

    FINAL DATE FOR APPLICATION: Still needs to be set

    - Powerdan 15k
    - nmanley 20k
    - MR2R2M 30k
    - Silken_thread 30k
    - oidking 10k
    - Twitch1 30k
    - SecretAznEks 25k
    - mandav15 10k

    Sweet Mother of EMC Holy Cows (did i just write that XD?) 145.000R has been Donated already!!!
    105.000R has been donated already!!! I'm gonna update the price charts :D!!!
    We've got 95k rupees! More prices will be added shortly

    Thx in advance!


    Gathering residence applications and looking for nice map seeds / custom world gens!

    **That awkward moment when you realise your first price is trice as high as last EMCs contest XD**
    Project Information:

    The Golden Empire

    Once upon a time there was a great empire. The Empire was run by Emperor Barbaros and Chrono. The Empire had great wealth and the greatest buildings ever built. From all over the world people would travel to The Golden Empire to make money and improve their lives. After 50 years of peace and economical growth Barbaros disappeared and Chrono got murdered. These events plunged the Golden Empire into a time of treason and war. The war raged on for 80 years after which there was nothing left of what once was the greatest empire. But then came a group of pilgrims, lead by the great Justinius and Jeremiah. They rebuilt the Empire and were the new emperors of The Golden Empire. They revived the economy and the empire was great once again.

    This project will combine EMC's best residences. I will walk the streets of SMP 1-9 and Utopia finding the best buildings out there. The residences will be combined into one nice Single Player map.

    The Golden Empire will come with a map showing where everything is.

    This project will take some time, but i'm sure the end result will rock!
  2. Good idea! Can't wait for it to get done!
    (And first xD)
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  3. It will be a lot of work. The total work will be complete with lore and a map.
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  4. Sounds good to me. This will be an interesting challenge for you, as you have to combine many styles into one. Also it will save awesome monuments from beeing deleted. Definitly will want to have the map even though I'm not a single player fan, I use it only for design purpose. Always have like parts of my project laying around all over the place in different sizes, using MCEdit. ^^

    Looking forward to it.

    Greetz Hasorko
  5. Well once I get my home set up I will be happy to submit an application for judging...
  6. **UPDATE**

    I got 48 residences to use so far. Anyone else that wants their residence in this SP Map project?

    Please fill in the form :D

  7. filled out the form :p IM me if you need company during the copy process :D
  8. I'm gonna need the social contact XD And the extra help you might give :D I might end up in social isolation XD
  9. LOL just ask if you need the help man, be happy to
  10. This project has a new partner in crime: Importerer :D
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  11. First donation is in: 15k powerdan! This will add more prices :D
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  12. Yo Eclipsys, I'll donate 30k. Purely because you are awesome, and we talked about this on skype a couple times :D

    I'll chat to you on skype sometime :)
  13. Right, theres another 30k! More pricessssss!
  14. **UPDATE**
    This project now also features buildings built in the SMP 1 to 9 WILDERNISS. Fill in the second form for the application!
  15. I'll add 20K too. Next time I can login. ;)
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  16. Anyone else care to participate / reply / do anything :D?

    This thread needs a little more attention!!!
  17. 15 applications for the prizes??? Thats quite low...

    Come on guys!!! There are prices to be won!

    I've got 60+ residences i'm gonna use in the map so far :D
  18. well I would apply, but I am still in the process of gathering materials to build the things I want to make.
  19. This project will take quite a while, there are more peeps who haven't finished yet but still applied :D

    So i'd say: Apply :D

    There are prices you can win ! :D