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  1. This Farm has been dismantled. Thank you everyone for your help keeping it going as long as we did, it was a lot of fun and great learning.
    - kevmeup

    More details on closure here..


    I've put together a community Farm on SMP4 for anyone. It has an Iron Golem spawner, animals and everything that grows. Please take good care of the place, and it will take care of you :) Replant anything you harvest please. Stay as long as you like.

    Part of garden

    Lodging, Lockers, Portal and Grill

    This is located just north of South Frontier Outpost (/frontier south), you'll see it from drop.

    Hope the place helps out a few people, enjoy.
  2. Now we just need one of these for smp3 :]
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  3. Even if we are not claiming sites, we can build 'Inns' as it were to assist travelers on their way to the more remote outposts, correct? We just do not have any of the 'protections' of having an outpost if there is a griefer. Please let me know if this is correct.

    Thank you,

  4. Yup, you can build most places in the wilderness. Just someone else can build right on top of your stuff if it's not an established "outpost". It's only considered Griefing if you destroy blocks or make something unusable. I could build myself a room in your Inn and you'd get in trouble if you destroyed it :)

    "Griefing protection" doesn't actually get any better in an outpost, only your /home is protected and chests you pay to lock. They do plan to improve that one day though and add some sort of extra protection to outposts. Right now, you can just setup your outpost far enough away that griefers are too lazy to come out. If you actually see the griefer, you can report them and get them banned, staff may also be willing to help you reverse the damage if needed.

    The "outpost" part makes it so you can choose whos able to build and what they build and get staff to do something about it.

    You can also lock chests only after 150 blocks from protection zone, so the first half of my farm can't have locked chest. Thats part of why I made the inn part with storage.
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  5. i cant seem to find it
  6. Glad you made it over and we got place back together :)
  7. Thank you for the clarification on the perils and joys of creating travelers inns. Are we able to sell goods at said inns, or is that restricted for claimed lands? (Understanding that this is done at our own peril, etc.)

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  8. Only town has the sell functionality right now. I think eventually your official outpost will have most of the town stuff. I'm finding that a lot of the random people that come by close to the EMC outpost just won't know any better than to take things from your chests, so if it's not locked, consider it donated :)

    I also recommend planning for some wear and tear. Random people will not usually repair creeper holes, so the better your spawn protection, the longer your place will last. Jack O Lanterns in floors will last much longer than torches. Using half slabs anywhere you can helps. I wouldn't consider doors as a valid protection, they are a little clunky for people. If you're on land, plan on dropping 4 stacks of torches in the surrounding area. My place being on the water gives me a fair advantage for the surrounding area spawns.

    On the Nether side, replace anything important with stone. Plan that any open netherack will get blasted and lit on fire. Half slabs are the only thing that prevents spawns there. These type of slab windows work pretty well there also (img attached).

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  9. Community Iron Golem Farm

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  10. Mushroom Farm

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  11. Sounds epic ;)
  12. This is amazing!

    So today I finally found the time to check this farm out and its just as you said; an easy trip north from the southern outpost. To some of the other posters: just walk up to the north (climb the myscelium mountain) and you'll quickly see the farm appear.

    I had a very good time, although some areas puzzled me a little. For example; I'm not too sure how the tree farm is supposed to work. I was checking that out because I needed some wood to make signs and some tools (see below) but as said; got confused. In the end I nabbed 2 - 3 blocks from the top of the jungle tree (the right tree, not the tree I wasn't looking for ;)) and also found some wooden planks in a chest of which I used some for the farm itself.

    The train ride (minecart) near the south-western area was hectic :) I didn't really expect it to take so long (which made me nervous; the further you're away from the outpost the more vulnerable you become if you got a limited supply of food with you). And seeing a creeper and spider appear before me on the tracks didn't really help much either :eek:

    Anyway; I added a sign in the starting area to warn about the long train ride, that may help farm newbies like me to avoid a 10min. ride :)

    Also, as a proud member of TOFWIG (The Organisation For Welfare of Iron Golemns) I have to protest against your iron farm. Its one thing to drop 'm 30 meters to make them land on their head, its another to set them on fire while on their way down. But to put them on display behind a glass window while burning like that? Think of the children! :D

    Anyway; I noticed some parts on the pumpkin & melon farm to be removed (plain dirt) which is why I started to look for wood. After making sure that there really was iron being generated I then made a few iron hoe's (left some on the farm, also labeled the chest accordingly) and repaired some of the areas there (and re / new -planted of course). I noticed that it has mostly wheat at the moment, I'll be sure to check if I can help out later by adding potatoes and carrots (provided I didn't overlook the obvious or someone beating me to it).

    Love those mooshrooms! I did "Harry Potter" 2 of them but obviously made sure to breed at least 4 - 5 others before doing so. Also; I read the sign saying to be careful about killing them, but the sign on the chest still said something like "meat and hides". I changed that sign into "milk buckets" to prevent people from thinking that we're supposed to kill them.

    Lessee... Ah; I added some crafting tables in areas which I think might be logical. Although I have to admit that the one next to the iron farm might be a bit silly because I later discovered that I overlooked the existing one behind that area ;)

    And finally... I added a sign above the exit to tell players that they're leaving the farm. Oh; and added some boats in the chest.

    Boats which I didn't use of course, because real men and women will swim towards the outpost again! :mad: :p

    Anyway, I had a great time and I'll be sure to visit again later on to see if there are still some things I might be able to help out with (I'll also bring some stuff of my own with me).

    Thanks again for setting this up, really cool idea!

    PS: is it ok to leave a little "graffiti" somewhere sometime? ;)
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  13. Hahah, thanks for your great post! Can't wait to check it out.

    With the tree farm, you climb up the one with the signs on it, jump off onto the one in the middle of the water circle and work your way down. Then theres some hoppers at the bottom (one nearest to entrance) that have the saplings and any wood you dropped. I think I'll put a ladder up the side instead of just vines so it's easier to make out. I went too far with the blending in :)

    Yeah, my neighbor recently added the minecart ride, glad you added some signs.

    Sorry about the Golems, you should see my latest design I did, it's mostly open so you can watch all the gruesome action :)

    I think I need to update the mooshroom sign, Just didn't want people to kill them all ;) I've got extras at home now, so no worries.

    Yes please, any notes are awesome :)

    Really glad you enjoyed the place!

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  14. Fixed the griefing today, looking good again.
  15. Mods are really great at researching who griefed something.

    You just do a /staff, then let them know you've been griefed, they'll swap right over, research and ban someone right away if they happen to be on. If they are not on, they can't tell you who did it, but they do deal with them. They also cannot replace any stolen or damaged items (in 99% of cases) or help rebuild. Just make sure you call them over before rebuilding, so it's easier for them to track things down.
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  16. Hey there farm followers,

    I'm thinking of cutting back on whats offered at the community farm. Keeping up with the griefing and replenishing is challenging.

    That being said, I'd love to make or contribute to a much larger project to give to the community a bit further out.

    Anyone have some ideas they'd like to see in the next place? Suggestions on location, or grief reduction?


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  17. I've added chickens :) for as long as they last. The launcher got griefed once already today, but if all goes well it will keep spawning chickens on the island for people.
  18. I'm working on some plans to get this place restocked and get me checking on it more. Anyone want to help?
  19. Yesss, although my time is limited I haven't forgotten about this SMP4 project.

    In fact, I recently learned about enderpearls (that they don't do damage when used) so I might as well head over right now. Got some mob spawn eggs from my own personal farm (build last night) which I'll be happy to donate (consider that done in a moment).

    Hmm, let me see what else I can bring along.

    Sorry to hear about those griefers though. Meh, much more enjoyable to, well, enjoy the build instead of destroying / vandalizing it. But I suppose that some little kids will never grow up :p
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  20. could something like this be built on a res if someone offered to donate theirs for it