Coming 2025! (If You Were a Mod...)

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  1. Coming 2025....
    The New Moderators!!!!
    Here's How The Game Will Work:
    In Your Post you say
    If I was a moderator of EMC I would.... Then write what you want
    Simple and have Fun!
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  2. If I were a moderator, I would resign immediately and wonder why I applied in the first place...
  3. If I were a moderator, I would make it always Midnight...
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  4. If I were a moderator, I would buy 100 tons of ramen noodles and go into my room forever.
  5. If I was a moderator I would... waaaiiiittt.....
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  6. If I was a moderator /ban Aikar
  7. If I was a moderator, I would let everyone have /d pig and a kit that gives you a full inventory of Cooked Porkchops... (/kit pig)
  8. That's Dead Pig You Know...
  9. Too bad moderators don't have that power... or do they? :p

    If I were an EMC Moderator I would pay an IRL friend to go around griefing things in the wild, then 'track' him down and ban him to look like a hero.
    ^I'm joking about that, of course :p
  10. If I was a moderator I would wonder how bad everyone else would be for me to have been chosen.
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  11. If I were a moderator, I would demote almost everyone here, due to the fact of Abuse.
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  12. if I was a mod I would make everyone obey minimoose
  13. If I were a moderator, I would actually contribute to the community.
    Lol jk, lava walls around SMP5's wild.
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  14. No, we dont have that power.
  15. If I were a moderator I would give everyone 999999k
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  16. Im ok with that.
  17. If I were mod I would make sure everyone is happy, kick/ban griefers and harrasers, and be the best mod possible!

    I will also DESTROY ZEH SERVERS!
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  18. Once again, not able to be done by a moderator.
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  19. What if said mod had 62667937332 thousand rupees? :p

    Number totally not from google calculator.