Coming 2013....

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Are you excited?

Yeah! 28 vote(s) 37.3%
Nah... 10 vote(s) 13.3%
Depends what it is... 37 vote(s) 49.3%
  1. NxBKS.png


    So this is the project you were all waiting for!
    It is going to be a theme park, but not a normal one!
    I am going to use state-of-the-art redstone engineering to develop the most thrilling and fun rides you will ever have ridden on!

    Located at /v 5200 on Utopia the Empire Amusement Park will take up the entire 120x120 plot!
    There will be a number of rides for you to enjoy, here is a very basic list:

    • Massive roller coaster.

    • Indoor boat ride.

    • An interactive roller coaster(This is the best part)

    • Dark rides

    • And much, much more.
    I will be needing donations for this project so any donations will be accepted. All donators will be put on the donators board and will get a preview at the park!
    • jacob5089 - 10,000 rupees
    • AmusedStew - 1 rupee
    So guys! Get excited. It might not sound like much now but it will be when it's finished!
    Expected Opening Date: October-Decmber 2013

    Image was made by nfell2009. R.I.P
  2. Y U NO TELL US?
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  3. Also, feel free to speculate.
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  5. Nah not yet... I am doing what everyone else does in the industry this project is similar to does. If that made any sense.
  6. Does it involve lava walls?
  7. Sadly not, but certain elements of this attraction might.
  8. Is it a theme park built in my honour?
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  9. Probably not.
  10. Can you MAKE a roller coaster into this BUILT in my honour?
  11. Is it built in MY honor? :p
  12. "Coming 2013"

    Damn it, it is 2013.
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  13. But I did not specify a time in 2013. So it could be the last few seconds of 2013 when it opens...
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  14. It better be sooner than that.
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  15. It should be. But not much will be happening until certain people who know who they are can blow up a res for me...
  16. It involves TNT. Is it a huge crater made in my honour?
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  17. Nah...
  18. Jakres? Jimbo? :p
    Is ANYTHING in Legit's honor? :p
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  19. Everything that happens on EMC is in my honour.
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  20. blowing up of a res.....
    it is either:
    A public wool farm \
    A tree farm
    A public villager trader