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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I'm wondering how I can do colored messages when you walk over a certain spot or teleport on the residence. I am aware of the feature sign "message" and I'm aware of the feature sign "teleport".

    How can you print a colored message in someones chat when someone activates a teleport sign. I noticed AnonReturns has a colored message when I walk over a certain spot. What do you have to put in the book and quil to get it to print color?

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  2. It shouldn't be :p
    Maybe only staff members can do it? (although I'm not sure why that would be)
  3. You need to use a paragraph sign as the prefix, just like you'd otherwise use &.

    So a message in cyan would be: §bthis would be cyan.

    This will change the message color from the standard yellow color. However, you'll always get the prefixing arrows.

    Edit: Just to be clear: the message is triggered by a message sign, where the colored defined message is stored in a book & quill.

    Edit2: I see that this information is missing from the features sign wiki page, I'm sure us contribs will be able to fix that soonish :)
  4. Here's what I got here the messages do print in the standard yellow text, but they're not turning the color that they're supposed to?

    The text stored in the book and quill:

    Output using a teleport sign (same result using a message sign):

    How I'm wanting it to look:

    In this Aisle, we have items that are From the Farm! No Bulk Buying in this Aisle! Your shop:buy flag will be set to false. Go to the Bulk Buying Center to buy bulk crops and other items!
    Aisle #: 1

    Status: OPEN
  5. u need 2 replace the & in ur book with §, use copy/paste to do that.

    also remember r option so u reset color 2 default: §ryellow again.
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  6. In the mean time I've updated said wiki page and the message sign section now also explains how to customize your message (so how to change the color & formatting) and also shows you how you can personalize your message by adding a players name into it.

    I hope this makes it easier to understand, if not then be sure to let us (contrib team) know.
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  7. Okay here's what I got.

    The "§" symbol is coloring the text in the book, but it isn't coloring the text that appears in chat via a "message sign".

    Text in the book:

    Text displayed in chat (default):

    This message i'm trying to display is what would normally be a &8&l on a sign.
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  8. You have to do the codes in the book
  9. Which I did, i put an §8§l in the book but the code disappeared and the colors appeared in the book. If someone can show me a couple example pictures on how to do this that'd help :).
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  10. This is odd. Here's the thing: the main reason I know this to work is because my alter-ego has used this on her res, and well; it works. I also briefly tried this out for myself before actually changing the wiki to make sure that I was adding the right info.

    The only reason I can think of now, though it doesn't make sense to me, is supportership. Anyway, this is why GripCEO won't be a supporter soon (don't tell him ;)). I'll test this myself as a normal player and will let you know. And if it works for me I'll also explain exactly what I did.


    Ok. there's definitely more going on here. I tried to reproduce what I did yesterday and I failed, all test I got was yellow (default color). I also pretty much ruled out supporter status and all that. However, it is possible but not in the way I described above. As far as I can tell now you need to use the paragraph character twice, after which the color codes also don't match anymore:

    Here you see that Aya gets white text, but the text they used in the book is actually red!

    So right now this could also be a glitch. Either way; duty calls, heading to work. I'll investigate this more thoroughly later today.
  11. it took me a while but i solved it! ^.^

    the secret is using §§ and then followed by 2 number code. so if u want 2 show something in dark blue (&1) then u should use: §§01this text is blue on message sign.

    heres what u do:
    In this Aisle, we have items that are From the Farm! §§04§§0lNo bulk Buying in this Aisle! Your shop:buy flag will be set to false. §§0a§§0lGo to the Bulk Buying Center to buy bulk crops and other items!
    §§0eAisle #: 1
    Status: OPEN
    proof i did it:

    maybe i should apply 4 contrib team 2 ^.^

    imma send u my book burke so that u can see for urself.
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  12. So the code for the book is §§0 then followed by the # or letter that would usually be after the &. So if I wanted bold blue I'd put §§02§§0l? That seems to be the pattern here if I'm correct. Plus I appreciate that book you sent me AyanamiKun :D.
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  13. Why isn't there a guide for this?
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  14. That's what I was thinking and so I added one. The wiki page about feature signs now also explains how to customize your message signs.

    That section probably still needs a little bit of work, but it explains all the basic elements, including the %player and %colorplayer macro (those can be really useful!).