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  1. Hi yall, I am looking for someone to build me something secret that only we can talk about. What I want you to build will be released around New Years so I need someone and I need them to build it ASAP. We can discuss pay, maybe a Supporter Voucher?

    in the PM you send me please include pictures of YOUR builds ON EMC. Also, you will supply materials so that's why its a Supporter Voucher for pay.
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  2. ok, im in, PM me? :)
    EDIT: im a good at building and can keep a secret :)
  3. Anyone wanna send an application? If so then do it ASAP.
  4. the thing is, BankOfBlu, you should give at least a rough idea of the size or time it could take to build it. That would help make people decide if they are potentially interested or not.
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  5. I will build you something secret. Just pay me lots of money and I'll keep a secret from everyone, including you. jk :p
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  6. Bank found a builder :)
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