[CLOSED][Old service returned] Infinite paper villagers!

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Did you buy a villager from my old service?

Yes. 4 vote(s) 5.6%
No. 9 vote(s) 12.7%
Never saw the thread. 46 vote(s) 64.8%
I considered it heavily but decided not to. 4 vote(s) 5.6%
I bought one from a competitor. 8 vote(s) 11.3%
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  1. SORRY, INFINITE VILLAGERS HAVE BEEN BROKEN BY 1.8. If I find another method in the future I will start a new thread.
  2. If you need help I'm here for ya ;) I've done XP Priests and Iron Blacksmiths
  3. Do you do Xp villagers? If so may i buy one?
  4. I am very sorry, but the only products I offer are in he spoiler. You could PM firstjugburgerz as he looks like he is ready to do an XP villager.
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  5. Bump!

    New product offered soon: How to make paper villagers (book)
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  6. I am now selling books that instruct you on how to make infinite villagers for only 4k! These do not count as jobs!
  7. Sorry, just saying I could help if you had an order you weren't able to do or something.
  8. Oh >.< oh well. Thanks for bumping the thread though :p
    I may make a special exception for you. How much do you think is a fair price? They are often significantly harder to make, just keep that in mind.
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  9. Uhh I know i can do it myself but I dont want to.
    Can u lower your price?
  10. Nah, Martijn.. "beetje goedkoop" / "that's a bit of a cheap comment" (no offense, but, yah, this stuff takes effort!). A said; no offense intended. But here's the thing: I recall your name because you often advertise on servers which aren't your home server. (I'm on smp2, you don't have a res. here..). We respect that. Well, I do, and my comment is proof that it worked somehow.

    So I think it's only fair that you also respect other people's prices.

    Sorry, but the thing is... I did some villager stuff myself just this evening. And although I'll be the first to state that I stil got a lot to learn, I think I can relate to what boozle is offering here. This isn't easy!

    So yah, with all due respect; I think these prices are fair. No problem in asking, don't get my comment the wrong way please, but I also couldn't help commenting (and who knows; maybe you do get lucky).
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  11. I might add that my prices are 5k lower than one certain other person >.<

    Sorry marijn, but I need to make a living :p
  12. I respect your comment, but asking for a lower price is worth a shot, right?
    He said no but he olso could have said 'Yeah, sure 10K discount'! :D
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  13. I would like to place a order.
    I want one infinite villager with insurence.

    Resident 9044.
    Ill give you flags in a hour and payment When you told me the ammount
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  14. Will do! It will likely be done either tonight or tomorrow afternoon!
  15. Jup, ill give you flags an tell you where it needs to be Done, becouse theres a special place for it
  16. Boozle, I gave you the perms.
    Please make the infitite villager at /v marijn2552 v
    Ill pay When you want me to, ty
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