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  1. Deleted Thread, Reason: Not very nice comments have come.
  2. He always has been the lead, but they just added the specific titles to the forums recently.
    Edit: Also, how is this related to photography??
  3. correct
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  4. Ok, now you're just being rude. You COMPLETELY disregarded any of the info I gave you in the conversation I started with you (Links, guides and a few tips to the fourms) and still put this in the Shutter Talk section? Please, show the rest of us. (Myself and staff(who have to keep moving these threads)) Delete this thread and try again, I have alreay reported it.
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  5. I don't understand any of what you are trying to tell me.
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  6. That's just lovely :(
  7. Guys, I'm very sorry, I accidentally clicked the wrong section for this, OK!? I met to click the other one.
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  8. Shutter Talk and misc. are on different sides of the page. Please stop lying to us and making excuses, its not a good habit to start when you're young.
  9. Uh, he isn't contrib build team lead?
    Build team lead is.. Well that bad man named Simon.

    Also, as others stated, he wasn't promoted, he just had a title change.
    He even said that on his profile.

    He has always been contrib team lead (Since Febuary of this year I believe?), but EMC decided to give all the team leaders a new title.
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  10. Well, first: ItsMeMatheus has been the build team lead for a while, so it seems a little odd that you're making the thread just now. Second: you put this thread in the forum section "Shutter Talk", while this doesn't seem to have anything to do with photography, which the section is meant for.
  11. Can we take a chill pill on both ends please? Perhaps it is true HelloKittyRo probably should have double checked the forum she was posting in before posting but accidents happen. In addition, it may not have been known to everyone that Matheus was contribution team lead until his title was changed. Had one of my friends not made the Contribution Team earlier in the year I would not have known Matheus was lead of that team either.

    Let's not decapitate someone over one small, virtually irrelevant, incident - it makes everyone look like idiots. :-/
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  12. Hello folks I'll move this to the right section. Hello kitty this is not the first time I've had to move your posts. Please read carefully what you are doing before posting.

    Contribution And build team are two different things. Lead by two different people. I applaud you for being excited but you could have just posted to his profile instead of posting in shutter talk.
  13. The wiki says Matheus is build team lead now? I am so confused..

    B4D's title says build team lead still?
  14. He is build team lead?
  15. This is how the Community Team Lead titles work:

    Contribution Team: ItsMeMatheus
    Build Team: B4DMAN5IMON
    YouTube Team: AlexChance

    I've double checked and the info on the Wiki is correct. However, if you find any incorrect info on the Wiki please report it through a PM to me or any other Contributor and we'll get it fixed. Posting on threads is a great way for info to be overlooked.

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  17. I'm with Elfin up there to be honest. Sure, Kitty has had a few mistakes in the past but I think most of us did once in a while. And well, I speak from personal experience when I state that there is a huge difference between becoming a little over-excited and getting carried away or intentionally and knowingly trying to cause a little bit of tension. I'd also like to go with innocent until proven guilty.

    Sure, I knew Math was the leader of the contribution team. That's mainly because I'm on it as well. I also think it's fair to say that it has now become more official and easier to spot for others. And well, I also discovered the title change just now. SO... Instead of reciting all of the facts above why don't we also use this thread in the way Kitty had intended it? She may have gone off on a wrong start, but quite frankly I kinda doubt that her intentions were off. And well... Not trying to stir things up but I would like to note that if you don't like certain posts / threads you can also ignore 'm.

    So with that said... Yeah, also a congratulations to Matheus in here from me! I'm obviously not going to spout off too much but I will say this: In my opinion Matheus is well deserving of this title and position. Always open minded about other people's opinions, will carefully go over your suggestion(s) even if they're really not that great (always easy to look back, but still...) and he'll always try to help us (contrib members) in helping EMC. I can't comment on the last part, but I did want to mention this anyway because it is an important detail in my opinion.

    Well deserved to have this made official!
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  18. I meant it as a question, because 607 said he is build team lead and I was confused
  19. You do know that publicly shaming people on the forums, especially when it's irrelevant to the topic, is against the rules, right?
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