[Closed] Can i have access to the top of the nether plz?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Spyrovsgnorg, Nov 20, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys i wana make this really cool gold xp farm but i cant D: 1. because of the afk kicking problem
    2. i cant access the top of the nether D: i dont want the gold i want xp. i would be willing to donate all the gold i collect to poor people on the Empire. so can i have access to the top of the nether?
  2. If they let 1, they should let others so no. -1
  3. Short answer: No.
    The top of the nether is a no-go area for building, nothing we could do could let you build up there, not to mention that heading only a few blocks up teleports you back down.
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  4. good point
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  5. why don't you just eliminate 4(guessing the size) chunks of the nether far from spawn for your farm?...


    1)lets you have a goal
    2)quartz ore
  6. i need a like super xp farm were if u afk for like 11 hours you would get like 240 levels
  7. How do you AFK and still get XP?
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  8. Afk for mobs, then kill them
  9. mods
  10. I can't even believe this thread was created. -1
  11. Sadly I can...
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  12. reported to close it
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