way to stay afk on emc?

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  1. hey guys is there a way to stay afk on emc?
  2. You could always make a machine that moves you back and forth periodically, or you could make a cobble-gen and tape your left mouse button down and continuously mine. (Both of these might be illegal and you should contact a staff member before attempting either.
  3. I'm pretty sure doing anything for the sole purpose of afk-detection circumvention is against the rules. That might only apply to using mods, though. I'm too lazy to look it up. I never get kicked while afk though so I don't know why this question keeps popping up.
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  4. I think the machine one is fine, but probably won't be able to trick the system. And I know the tapping down your mouse button is illegal.
  5. so does this count as afk fishing?
  6. I'll tell you now that EMC's AFK detection is almost certainly more clever than you think. Pretty much anything that lets you bypass it is against the rules.
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  7. so are minecarts not aloud?
  8. Try using them to bypass the AFK detection. If I remember correctly, it won't work. :)
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  9. Here are the basics of it.
    Any 'input' such as keyboard strokes, or mouse clicks need to happen while you are at the computer.
    If you are 'interacting' in the world of EMC, and away from the computer, this is against the rules, and a ban-able offense. When this occurs, it is considered an 'illegal mod'. This includes taping down a mouse button, macros, etc.

    What is allowed, is staying 'logged in', and having no game input, (ie this includes not placing a book on your mouse to have it register a click, etc...)

    If you are 'AFK', there should be ZERO input/interaction with the game.

    If you 'hold down' a mouse button, or repeate patterns, you better be ready to respond to staff when they are around...

    Hope this clarifies things!
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  10. thanks :D