Not being kicked for idling

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  1. hey guys recently i have been kicked for being afk is there anyone to be afk for a long time?
  2. Can you please clarify this?
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  3. He was kicked for idling and wants to know how long it takes to be kicked.
  4. im saying there needs to be a way to afk for a long time
  5. I think it only happens if the server is full. I've been afk for most of a day without getting "kicked" before a server reboot took me out.
  6. The goal of EMC is not to be an afk farm. Development has been on features to make afk farming far less useful and instead encourage players to actively participate. This means that there won't be an easy way to afk for extended periods of time. If you really need to afk, just make sure you check in and move a little every few minutes.
  7. I hope these features are more about afk kicking and less about changing vanilla features... I already really miss my name tags.
    AFK kicking serves a purpose, really. You're not playing on EMC when you're afk. Just make a nice fishing hole at your afk farm.
  8. Enlighten us. What would be the purpose?
  9. I am talking about features like the play your way thing which have already been released. I have no idea if new features will change vanilla features.
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  10. why shouldn't you be able to afk farm
  11. I think it is because AFK farms generally ruin the economy. Iron used to be about 9r per ingot.
    Oh and I believe that it can cause the server some stuff.
  12. Makes the economy drop in what ever you are afk farming and also partially ruins the point of going out and getting resources the hard way.
  13. to my calculations you get kicked about every half a hour so you can afk 29 mins per i belive
  14. this is about as bad as the water removed in pvp! does anyone else agree with me i mean what about the people who use afk farms for a living on emc
  15. You shouldn't be able to make as much money as people do by just sitting at a farm away from the computer doing something else other than playing emc. It's not fair to those actually playing the game to make money or have fun.
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  16. This is MINEcraft not AFKcraft. :)
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  17. There might be a way to afk longer like a afk machine? I don't know if those work.
  18. If you find one, let me know so we can disable it ;)
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  19. I've seen lots of them ;) mostly water afk machines I want to know if those work :)
  20. The water removed in PVP was justified because it was taking advantage of a feature. I don't have a problem with AFK farming, I even do it myself. But I don't think people should be able to AFK farm and take up server space when there's someone who actually wants to play the game who can't because there's no server space.
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