Access to the top of the nether

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Spyrovsgnorg, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. what if you had access to the top of the end?
    personally i think it would be great for pigman farms but every good thing has a catch
    that catch is you have to buy the nether land
    thanks for ready :D
  2. -1 don't like idea, is just: why you want to pass the upper bedrock?
  3. you can build but in survival is impposible to get over the bedrock
  4. That would be great! Sadly I have asked staff several times. It is a no
  5. It is possible to get on top of the nether. I just did it.
  6. It will let you up there for like 30 seconds. The it teleports you down
  7. its possible if u do it enough time i think u can do it on emc and break the bedrock
  8. sadly i have never done it because staff said its ban able so :(
  9. The TTMOF team was GOING to make our ghast farm above the nether, but I only recently discovered we can't go up there :l
  10. There used to be some spots where people would use pistons to glitch their way to the top of the nether but as everyone has mentioned that was nerfed as it teleports you back down now.