Clearing out the Ban Archives

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  1. We're clearing the ban archives!
    With all the amazing changes made and on the horizon, and the new Games Server coming soon, we've decided that we'd like to clear out the ban archives and offer some players another chance to be a part of this great community.

    We are strong believers that people can change for the better, given time. Any players that were banned 3+ years ago will be auto-unbanned by the system. Bans between 1-3 years old will accept appeals, as long as they meet the below qualifications.

    If you are someone who meets the qualifications, please email the EMC support system at IP ban appeals must be reviewed by Krysyy. If you know someone that was previously banned, please spread the word that we are offering this chance to return to EMC.

    • Banned on or before August 1, 2016
    • Not a Paypal charge-back ban
    What should be included in the appeal message:
    • Username(s)
    • What rule(s) was/were broken
    • Statement that it won't happen again
    • Short description of motivation behind wanting to return
    Appeals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Staff and Krysyy. Staff reserves the right to deny appeals based on conduct in the appeal and status as a high-risk account. Paypal charge-back bans are not applicable to the automatic unban from the system.
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  2. Aww this is very nice of u guys :)
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  3. noice
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  4. Eh...never a fan of when servers do this. You were banned for a reason, if you actually care to appeal, you will.

    (this is not against just EMC, it's against any server that does this.)

    This is my opinion, if you don't agree with it, cool. If you want to argue about it, do it in my inbox. I don't want to clutter up this thread.
  5. More than 3 years is a long enough time that most players don't even recall what they did to be banned, or the account has switched owners. We've thought about this for a while, and we decided that we'd give them the benefit of the doubt and encourage them to return.
  6. 3 years is quite a long time. People grow up and get more mature. That's ultimately the drive behind it.
  7. I hope Bitnibbles comes back. I miss the big guy...
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  8. And this is why I love EMC. I continue to be surprised by all the positive changes being made by Aikar and Krysyy, it's amazing that you're willing to forgive all these people that were banned.
  9. woot woot =)
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  10. Wow, this is cool and really nice of you guys. I wonder which people will come back
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  11. Hey. Nice move!

    Btw...Did anyone shoot a message to EvilToade and ElfinPineapple so they can appeal their bans ?
  12. I may or may not had written a five page essay on what I belief, then I realized this is a Minecraft server, and there's no point. Lol

    Lets hope everyone comes back with a better attitude of when they left.


    Extremely happy that my brother has a chance back
  13. Note it's not like we're going to get a flood of banned players. Typically when someone was banned years ago, they are likely to get an appeal anyways and in almost all cases, they were fine.

    This is more about if you had a friend banned, letting them know they can come back and get another chance.
  14. This is nice, I believe some players derservr another chance
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  15. Yay! I was hoping for this to happen again! :)
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  16. We'll see how this goes. There is a good amount of people who were genuinely sorry for what they did, a few didn't care, and a few I'm iffy about. All in all this will be a gamble, but it's a good gamble.
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  17. Im ok about the change, but the graphic is great!!!!
  18. Well, we've already done this campaign once in the past and all was fine, and note that if someone causes trouble again.... they will just get banned again :)
  19. As someone who has been banned and has been given the grace of a second chance, I cannot thank you enough for not only the forgiveness you've extended to me, but also to the community as a whole.

    I got accepted to the Contribution Team shortly after (where I was active for over a year), and I felt accepted and loved by everyone once I could start over.

    Hopefully this can be a new start for many people, much in the same way it was for me.
  20. I'll be sure to inform one of my furry little fwiends of this!
    Thanks for giving everyone second chances ! ^-^