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  1. Hello, EMC! o/ In this thread, you get to share anything related to classical music. It could be your opinions on it, whether you or you would listen to it on a daily basis, your favourite pieces of classical music, your favourite composers, random facts about classical music/composers, your favourite genre/era of classical music, recordings of you playing classical music, and more! Just keep it related to classical music. Dances/Ballet count, too, as that was closely linked to the art.

    How many classical fans are out there? Let's rain some classical onto this jukebox!
  2. Right here!

    Mozart, Beetoven, Rossini, and even that one Russian composer. (I forgot his name but it started with a T.)

    Believe it or not, I loved Rossini's work ever since I was a kid. Only when I became an adult did I find out that it was called "William Tell Overture". :D
  3. I do not listen to classical music, but I would like to put some nice performances on my phone! Any suggestions? :)
    It was actually used in a tv series that ran on Disney's channels from 2005 to 2010! (little einsteins)
  4. Tchaikovsky? :D

    I love classical music so I will definitely be watching this thread :)
  5. It was also used in a couple Thomas the Tank Engine episodes, and it was used in the TV show titled "The Lone Ranger" from the 1960s.

    That's it! Thank you CarFryer! ^^
  6. Here's some of what I enjoying listening to:
    Liszt - Un Sospiro (a large portion of pianists [and non-musicians] believe this to be the most beautiful piece ever written. The first time I heard this, it was played by someone who performed right after me at a recital. And it was an experience I'll never forget).
    Liszt - Transcendental Etudes (Etudes No.'s 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, and 12 are my favourites)
    Liszt - Les Grandes Etudes (Etudes No.'s 1, 3, and 5 are my favourites. I used to like 6, but it's so played to death that I lost liking for it. But for a first-timer, it's really nice to listen to).
    Chopin - Ballades No. 1 & 4
    Liszt - Ballade No. 2
    Chopin - Tristesse
    Ravel - Miriors
    Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit
    Balakirev/Glinka - The Lark
    Balakirev - Islamey
    Liszt - Consolation No. 3
    Moszkowski - Concerto in E Major
    Dvorak - Symphony No. 9 2nd Movement
    Moszkowski - Barcarolle
    Liszt - El Contrabandista (fun fact: it's so difficult to play, that as of now, only three pianists have ever successfully played it, only one person played it live. Liszt himself couldn't play it 🤣 but it really is an amazing piece to listen to, despite its difficulty).
    Chopin - Etudes (Op. 10 No.'s 3, 6, 7, and 11) (Op. 25 No.'s 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, some parts of 10, and 12).
    Ravel - l'Valse
    Chopin - Military Polonaise & Heroic Polonaise
    Bach - Two-Part Inventions (Valentina Lisitsa's performance of these pieces are possibly the best I've ever heard).
    Mozart - Piano Sonata in a minor
    Grieg - Piano Concerto in a minor
    Grieg - Violin Sonata No. 1
    Grieg - Variations on a Theme of Paganini (the 18th Variation is what most people listen to, I also love it).
    Grieg - Wedding Day at Troldhaugen
    Sibelius - Romance
    Bach - Flute Sonata in E-Flat Major
    Beethoven - Sonata Pathetique (the 2nd movement is what I fall asleep to each night).
    Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers (a beautiful melody that pianists dream to play ...but ballet dancers hate it, you'll know why if you've seen the dance).
    Rachmaninoff - Concerto No. 2 1st Movement.
    Chopin - Nocturne Op. 55 No. 1
    Beethoven - Concerto in E-Flat Major 2nd Movement
    Chopin - Waltz Op. 64 No. 2
    Chopin - Waltz in E Major B.44
    Chopin - Waltz in E-Flat Major B.133
    Chopin - Waltz in E-Flat Major B.46
    Mendelssohn - Elegy
    Liszt - Elegy No. 2
    Rachmaninoff - Elegy
    Chopin - Scherzo No. 3
    Frank Bridge - Dew Fairy
    Pennario - Midnight on the Cliffs.
    Debussy - Images (books I & II).
    Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 6 (this symphony is basically the world's longest suicide note. Be sure to read the conspiracy theories behind it. "Top 5 Biggest Classical Music Conspiracy Theories" by Twosetviolin [on YouTube] was where I learned about this).

    These are just a few of the gems that are out there, and that I enjoy listening to :)
    These are only a few out of the thousands of famous composers out there, and each of those thousands each wrote probably more than 100 works. (Liszt wrote over a thousand, and I only listed probably less than 30 here).
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  7. Thanks, that's quite the list to get through! I'll remember this post. :)
  8. I don't listen to classical music a whole lot, just every now and then. Mostly strings and/or piano pieces because they're usually very relaxing! I also like listening to classical guitarists like John Williams and Paco de Lucia (well, mainly flamenco guitarist, but he played classical as well so I hereby claim him as "classical-related":D). Some of the music I enjoy listening to:

    "Holberg Suite" (Grieg), especially the part from ~1:35 and the part with the cello from ~14:10

    Barcarolle from "A Greeting to My Homeland" (Glinka)

    "Caprice No. 24" (Paganini), nice guitar arrangement of a violin piece. And speaking of difficult to play..
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