Clarification of discrepancies within EMC Guidelines and TOS.

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  1. During one of my more recent data pulls from the EMC forums while working on my third generation of gold farm, I happened to notice this particular quote within the 'Empire Rules' Subforum.

    "Automating actions, including - but not limited to - using auto-clickers, is legal as long as you are not AFK while doing so and the ability does not exceed normal play ability. Kill auras, fast-clicking, etc are NOT normal play ability. You must be aware, and able to respond to staff and Minecraft at all times."

    Obviously this is very clear. Automating player actions with a keybinding tool are fine as long as you are not AFK while doing them, and the method in which you automate these actions could realistically be emulated by an actual human.

    Unfortunatly, these rules directly counteract a surprisingly obscure quote found hidden in the allowed/disallowed mods page, which states in very large, bolded text that clicking scripts (which I presume would be the primary use of the mod in the first place?) are completely forbidden.

    "One of EMC's Official Approved Mods. But has certain limitations... AFK circumvention.
    Absolutely no AUTO-CLICK scripts.
    This includes but is not limited to Grinders and Mining operations."

    The page then states that any usage of any mod in a way not allowed in the (Directly linked) Empire Guide/Rules (Which clearly OK's a human-like application of these programs) will result in a mute, ban, or partial dismemberment at the hands of staff as needed yadda yadda.

    While I would like assume that the second post was simply an artifact left over from the rules list three years-ish ago (Empire Rules has been updated several times since then, it seems logical that they would reflect the current rules more accurately than this post.), it is entirely possible that these two posts are referring to two entirely separate things and I have once again managed to misinterpret plain and simple english. If, however, this is not the case, I would strongly recommend that changes be made to one or another of these documents in order to clarify this confusion. My gold farms and crippling tendonitis thank you for your time.
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  2. I can confirm for you that the Rules page (allowing macro mods, within "human" limits) is the correct one to abide by. You might consider poking Chickeneer to update his forum post, but as far as I'm aware the wiki trumps forum posts where such discrepancies pop up.
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  3. I have also asked for resolution of these discrepancies on multiple occasions. :(

    Also relevant is the more recent clarification thread by Krysyy:
    The statements in Krysyy's thread directly counter the linked wiki page. The linked wiki also contradicts itself. I would like it removed and the examples listed in clarified.

    As an example: "Mining activities" are prohibited in the OP, but both moving and mining blocks are later allowed even while in a secondary background window. (i.e. Run two instances and run a bot on the alt account.)
  4. This can't be right. Otherwise it's legal to both move around and mine blocks in a secondary window.

    If the wiki page holds then it's Krysyy's post which must be recalled.
  5. Chicken's post is very out of date. The rules page should be referenced for the correct limitation.
    Which post?
  6. are the excerpts, sorry for the spam...

    This is the text from the linked NOTE on the wiki:

    But Eviltoade didn't realize ThaKloned is running multiple instances? Because the same question appeared again...


    So Krysyy's clarification trumps them all. But the one linked is (IMO) misleading.

    edit: And sorry M, I've gone and aggro'd all over your thread. :(
  7. Thank you for the responses everyone.
  8. The rules page was more recently updated, and is the main source that any new player would be directed to, so I'd go by that.

    My interpretation is that any normal human action can be performed at a normal human speed with the use of a click saver as long as you are at the computer and responsive. There is nothing forbidding multi boxing, so as long as you can be responsive on 10 accounts, you can operate them. This is actually the rules that most all online games have, not just minecraft.

    Although our rules doesn't specifically say it, sometimes games take it further and say you can't use click savers, or chain commands, usually for the pvp implications. From my interpretation using in pvp would give an unfair advantage so it would not be allowed, but using outside of pvp would just keep you from a Dr's visit from clicking the same thing 2 million times so thats ok. This is just the type of game we play, minecraft on an economy server means doing a lot of repetitive clicking and could cause some serious injury for long time players, so preventing the use of click savers would be pretty bad.
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  9. My response was before the final rules clarifications and yes, Krysyys clarification/final description trumps all.
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