Macro / Keybind Mod

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  1. Macro / Keybind Mod

    One of EMC's Official Approved Mods. But has certain limitations on its use due to its Extremely Powerful nature. These limitations include:
    • Absolutely no AFK circumvention.
    • Auto-click/action/event scripts are allowed as long as they do not exceed normal play abilities and you are not AFK.
    If you are found to be abusing the Macro / Keybind MOD in a way that is not approved by the Empire Guide or Empire Rules, you will suffer any number of punishments. Such as warnings, kicks, or bans of any length. (This will be at the discretion of the Staff on a case by case basis)
    Additional information on uses for this mod can be found in this thread by JackBiggin.
    Any questions regarding Acceptable Uses for this Mod can be sent to MYSELF or any other Staff member.
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  2. Sorry to bump but
    What does that mean?
  3. Don't bypass the AFK detection system by any means.
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  4. Curious as to if I were to code a script that sent a message when a new player joined the empire, would that be considered an AFK bypass?
  5. that sounds like a great idea! I would not discipline for anything like that :p
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  6. I am sorry but I am terrible at detecting sarcasm. If it was just,"Welcome to The Empire! For everything there is to know about our server, visit!", would it still be considered an offense for spam or afk-bypass rules?
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  7. I think his reply was genuine. If your 'Welcome to the Empire' script happened to keep you from being afk.. I guess that would just be a side effect. Call it a reward for giving a warm welcome. I know early on, a lot of mods had a script similar to this back when MC Mods updated regularly.
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  8. ... definitely not sarcasm. Although it is possible that you could AFK bypass with it; but unless new people are joining constantly. Wouldn't be an issue.
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  9. Oh ok!
    Now to bug mba about this... >.>
    I'm very bad at coding right now, still learning :p
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  10. Sorry for bumping this old thread but I have a question about this mod. I use it 95% to combine/craft items. As far as I'm aware this is all allowed. I've also used it a few times to mine cobble at my cobble generator. AFAIK this doesn't prevent afk. I'm not actually doing the mining but I am at the PC though when doing this with the game client in half screen view. Should I stop doing this?
  11. Everything you have described is legal. However, if you do intend to leave your computer, please discontinue mining until you return (which I'm sure you already know). :)
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  12. Ok good. Just saw the message in chat about illegal mods xD
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  13. Krysyys status today highlights the issue perfectly I believe: People should not be greedy in order to obtain items. *cough* elytra
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  14. Agreed there.

    While we are on this subject.. I was wanting to use some alts to move some items from an outpost to town and it's about 20k blocks walking in the nether. If I'm at my PC, can I use this mod to run them in? I would have all the game windows in view doing this.
  15. Yup same situation. To help prevent the carps is why this mod was allowed on emc in the first place. So this is allowed as long as you are not afk.
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  16. I wish I could use this mod. It seems very helpful, but it requires liteloader, which my antivirus wont let me download. :(