[Challenge/Giveaway] Robot Unicorn Attack

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Eviltoade, Apr 5, 2016.

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  1. Robot Unicorn Attack Challenge

    Today my friends, I offer you a challenge. Beat my high score on Robot Unicorn Attack. The 3 highest scores in this challenge will win the following:

    High Score: 100,000r
    Runner Up: 50,000r
    Third Place: 25,000r

    In the event of a tie, there will be a play off.

    I will also be selecting a random winner (random.org) from all the submissions, who will receive a Gold Voucher.

    The challenge will run from now (The time of this post) until the last minute of April. You can only submit ONE high score during that time frame - ALTS ARE EXCLUDED. However you may continue practicing throughout the month and update your own high score.
    To submit your high score please take a screen shot or upload your lets play video to this thread. If you elect to upload a video, please include the high score in writing as well in your response.

    To play the game please visit:

    Good Luck Everyone!


  2. Eviltoade: Total Score - 33758

    Current High Score to Beat: 112826
  3. Toade loves unicorns
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  4. My tries:

    After playing during History class...

    My goodness it was like a twenty minute game...

    I don't think I'll try any longer. 112826 is my final score until someone beats it... then I'll start playing again :p
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  5. did it :p
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  6. Question: Can I submit my scores from when I played on my phone, I bought this app when I was little. If so, I'll edit them in.
    It's the same game, just on my phone.:)
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  7. I would prefer new scores and on the computer if at all possible. :)
  8. Best single round or total of 3 rounds together?
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  9. Total of all 3 of your "lives" :)
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  10. No problem, if I could use my phone scores I would be ahead...
    I played today on my phone and got 85938
    But I can give it a go on the computer;)
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  11. This brings back so many memories... Thank you, toade, for giving unto us this glorious opportunity for beauty, death, and money all in one shot.
  12. Yeah I used to play this a while back - the soundtrack is what I like the most lol
  13. So, I hate this game already. Because of the soundtrack. Kill. Me. Now.
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  14. But that's the best part ;)
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  15. Toade, you may want to use this link in the OP as to not scare people away with the Adult Swim website.
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  16. Done. Thanks man.
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  17. I was at 38,000 on one life and then my phone died ;(
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  18. I'm just gonna update this post whenever I get a new best, kthxbai
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  19. I cant stop playing. Please send help. And this damn theme song... get it out of my head! Please! :p
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