[BUYING] Unused Pots of Gold at 30k

Discussion in 'Buying' started by 607, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. I am (temporarily) not buying Pots of Gold, as I have enough until St. Patrick's Day 2022.

    Hi, it's me again!

    So as you might have noticed, I have been doing monthly Pot of Gold auctions since the promo came out. However, in both 2018 and 2019 it wasn't rereleased, unfortunately. Because of this I'm running out of them. I like the tradition I've got going, so I'd like to keep it going!
    So I was going to make a thread saying I'm buying Pots of Gold for 15k... but as they haven't been released in a while, I doubt people will be willing to sell theirs for shopping price. So I am buying Pots of Gold at 20k! This is about average for all my auctions to date, so I might not be making a profit anymore, but hey, if I can keep the tradition going... :p
    I now have millions of rupees, because of auctioning my second and only voter's block... so I can now pay 30k per pot, double the normal price, without fear of running out of rupees. :D

    Item: Unused Pot of Gold (check if it stacks with others)
    Price: 20k 30k a Pot
    Location: Pm or post here and we'll arrange. You don't need to mail if you want to save the money.

    I was going to set up a chest shop, but it turns out you can't create a chest shop for an unused Pot of Gold.
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  2. This is a graph of all the auctions so far...

    As you can see, most of the auctions in fact go for less than 20k!
  3. Hey 607, Have you tried, #pending on the bottom line of the shop sign?
    Seems strange not to be able to have a chest shop.:confused:
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  4. Yup, it only works with used ones. :p I remember there used to be a [slot] function, though, maybe that could be used?
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  5. That's right, You put Choose on the bottom line instead of slot. It was changed for some reason. :D
  6. I wasn't aware that there was a difference between used and unused, interesting.
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  7. The difference evidently doesn't matter to most people, but as I want my auctions to stay constant, I am limited to buying unused pots. :$
    If I can't get any, I might have to end the tradition. At which point the value of a Pot of Gold will probably finally go up. :p
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  8. What is the difference? I've used mine in the past and didn't notice if the the lore had changed or anything
  9. I remember that auction when me and Skywitness went mad bidding. 52,000r was your best outlier.
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  10. Used Pots of Gold seem to never stack. At least I wasn't ever able to get them to.
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  11. The only difference between used and unused Pots of Gold is indeed that UNused Pots stack, and USED Pots do not stack. I believe USED Pots also do not react properly to shift + double clicking (= moving all available at once), but for the rest all should be the same. :)
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  12. That only works for shops that sell, though, it seems like (which makes sense).
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  13. I'm now paying 30k per unused Pot of Gold!
  14. would you buy used pots of gold?
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  15. No. :) I'm doing this just to keep the tradition going, and because I'm curious what will happen. ;)
  16. I got six from Raaynn! Still looking for more, though... and the auction is still under 15k. ;)
  17. I got two more from OriginalScuf a few days ago and thought that I didn't need any more for a while, as I am expecting the promo to be rereleased come holiday... but I'm not positive, so I'd still like more!