[BUYING] Two Redstone Designs - 40k per

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  1. Hello, redstoners!

    I am looking for two redstone designs and am paying 40k for each of them (that's 80k total if you supply both). First come first serve basis here. :) If you think you have or can do what I'm looking for, just let me know.

    Here are the two designs I need:

    #1: Random Output Generator
    • Machine receives one redstone signal input
    • Machine then randomly outputs a signal to one of four paths (as in randomly selects one of four outputs)
    • Note that there should be an output every time there is an input; the only randomness is which of the four output wires is chosen
    #2: Horse Conveyor Belt
    • NOT a continuously running conveyor belt!
    • Every time it receives an input, the entire conveyor belt shifts its cargo one slot along the belt
    • Must be able to have and shift multiple horses at once (i.e. each slot along the belt is capable of holding a horse, and on input each slot shifts its own horse to the next slot)
    • Cannot be directly (100%) vertical; horizontal preferred
    • Must be capable of having horses easily added to the start of the belt by simply pushing them into or dropping them into (as from a ceiling hole; this is preferred) the first slot
    • End of belt must dump horse completely free from belt; for example, if horse is in last slot and there is a hole at the base of the last slot, the last slot should push the horse into the hole on input
    If you have any questions, please let me know and I will answer as soon as possible. There is no deadline on this.
    Thank you.
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  2. I'm trying on #1, I hope to have some kind of something tommorrow
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  3. Aaand Jelle beat me by a minute :p lol
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  4. why wouldn't I?


    I'ave made a randomizer that has a chanche of EXACTLY 25% per :) I do only not know what the aveage size of something like this is, since this is the first I made :p

    here a quick screenshot:

    Is this where you were looking for? (jup, it's on my redstone world :) )
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  5. Shoot me a pm with designs and I'll run some tests on it. If I find it fits my needs as specified, I'll send you the rupees. :) Size isn't too too much of an issue, so should be fine.

    Still looking for a horse conveyor following my guidelines! :D
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  6. Spent the last few hours on a single player world messing around with some redstone while trying to create the horse conveyor belt. So far, no luck with a fully functioning design, but I'll continue working on it after some sleep :p
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  7. Above players, sorry for the delay on this; doing a thorough look at designs this weekend. :)
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  8. I'd like more info on the horse conveyer
  9. My friend ants4235 is good I'll tell him about this when on next
  10. Still looking at previous submissions, so if they don't work (info given tomorrow, I have a full day off) I'll let you guys know more. :)
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