[Buying] Survival v2 Mob Heads

Discussion in 'Buying' started by ThaKloned, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. I don't know if they go for that much lol
  2. It seems the Bloody boots are going for that and they are the same rarity
  3. Ya but steal spikes are like shiny fur. They will be used to make something else.
  4. then what if i combine the spike with a spark? are you saying that makes it worth the same as a shoe?
  5. Not sure about that. Just note that shiny fur is also a rare drop and they go for under 1k per. I have almost 2 stacks myself. That doesn't necessarily mean steal spikes are that low but I don't think they are 30k each.
  6. Well I'll be darned (never said that before). What would you be willing to pay for the spike?
  7. I haven't seen anyone publicly sell them with a listed price. Hopefully one shows soon.
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  8. Would you pay for a ghast/enderman head? If so how much?
  9. I think I have both of those. Definitely have endermen head.
  10. Obtained a Super Dragon Poop.

    Also added an item to the list. Looking to buy a Fish Bowl if anyone is willing. :)

    EDIT: Also only need 1 steel spike at this time.
  11. You never told me how much you are willing to pay for a spike if you were to get it from me :p
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  12. 5k maybe? I know the furs are super cheap but these seem a little more rare and have no use at the moment.
  13. I was hoping for something more substantial like 10k? I know that might be a bit high if so Ill just keep mine :)
  14. Ya definitely high :p Thanks for the offer though :D
  15. Potion of Levitation 15k? Tell me if I'm posting too much, not sure who else to sell to other then Raynn and myself XD
  16. That I have. Only things I need are the items on the first post and some mob heads. I will look to add all the heads I need.
  17. I have a normal venom. My friend possibly has other venoms. How much for a venom? 25k?
  18. That seems like alot. Might wait for a lower price. Thanks though :)

    Also added mob heads that I am looking for.
  19. I have a few guardian heads..
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