[Buying] Survival v2 Mob Heads

Discussion in 'Buying' started by ThaKloned, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Got a better deal for it somewhere else ;) ty tho
  2. Not sure if this is still going, but I got my hands on an extended normal venom? is 10k still your offer? seems low
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  3. Ya still looking for everything listed. Ya I'd do 10k.
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  4. need any ghast hearts?
  5. I have one in my collection. Thank you though :)
  6. Want one Spicy Villager Meat they’re 1k

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  7. looking for a lvl 3 witches gem or soringa/eyender heads?
  8. Ya looking for 1 gem of each level. So 3 total. The heads I have.
  9. How much for a level 3 witches gem then?
  10. This one went for 290k, this one for 50k :D

    Somewhere in between? :p
  11. the first was a lvl 2 and the second was a lvl 1...
    I know its a small data set but a 240k difference for one level suggests that a higher level gem is worth at least a bit more than the previous
  12. I do have a level 3 already, mostly after a level 1 & a level 2. Just wanted an extra lvl 3 to use but might wait until prices come down.
  13. i have an creamy horse head but im still desiding to sell it or put it up for auction ( matter the price it would go for )
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  14. PM me with your price. :)
  15. Mailed you a venom a couple days ago. Cheers
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  16. Thanks! Just noticed it earlier. Hadn't been on in awhile :p
  17. Looking for 21 sparks if anyone has any to spare :)
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  18. I think I do have. Will check when I am back on later
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  19. Bump

    Still looking for:
    • Weak Venom (x1)
    Mob Heads I need: (Must be Survival v2 heads, they will always stack together. Pre-v2 heads will not stack so I'm not looking for those.)
    • Elder Guardian
    • Evoker
    • Illusioner
    • Vindicator
    • Mooshroom (x2 that stack.)
    • Parrot (Need Blue, Green and Gray)
    Seems I forgot about the Mooshroom so that is added to list. Looking for 2 that stack.
    Thanks :)