[Buying] Survival v2 Mob Heads

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  1. Mob Heads I need:(Must be Survival v2 heads, they will always stack together. Pre-v2 heads will not stack so I'm not looking for those.)

    Hostile Mod Heads:
    • Elder Guardian
    • Endermite
    • Evoker
    • Hoglin
    • Illusioner (Head drop possibly bugged)
    • Piglin Brute
    • Piglin
    • Skeleton Horse
    • Zoglin
    • Zombified Piglin
    Passive Mob Heads:
    • Cat (Need Only: All Black, British Short Hair, Calico, Jellie, Persian, Ragdoll and White)
    • Fox (Need Only: Snowy)
    • Parrot (Need Only: Blue, Green and Gray)
    • Strider
    • Turtle
    • Wandering Trader
    New 1.17 Heads:
    • Glow Squid
    • Goat
    • Axolotl (Need Lucy, Wild, Gold, Cyan & Blue)
    Thanks :)
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  2. Momentous and marlix have a head now! Nice
  3. I have a weak venom. How much you willing to pay for it? Is 30k good I'm not sure
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  4. Other potions are under 10k I think. The wiki lists this one as uncommon while the strong venom and normal venom are rare and the extended ones are very rare. Would you go for 15k maybe?
  5. I'll settle on 18 :)
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  6. Sure :) I'll try to pop on at work and send you money. Please remind me just in case I forget :D
  7. Just paid :)

    EDIT: 2014 Avalauncher acquired :D
  8. Sent :)
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  9. Just wanted to mention I made an error and gave you a "weak venom (extended)"instead of a "weak venom". So I guess today is your lucky day.
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  10. I will mail it back when I get home if you want to mail me the other one.

    Wait isn't there only 1 weak venom? Lol will check when I get home.
  11. I’ll do a gem for 200k
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  12. Pay you when I get home :)
  13. Oh wow I also have vindication for 350 on my res on 6
  14. That I bought already. Think I paid either 30 or 50k.

    Paid for gem!
  15. Sent to the payer u alt
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  16. Any idea how to wear it? Can't seem to put it on my head lol
  17. Lol right click it in your inventory
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  18. No keep it, it was my mistake besides that was the only venom I had XD
  19. Bump!

    Willing to trade:

    My extra Dragon Poop + 20k for your Super Dragon Poop.
    My 2017 Birthday Cookie (x2) for your 2018 Birthday Cookie (x1)
  20. Wow I thought the steel spike I had was common buts its a rare.......30k? XD