[Buying] Survival v2 Mob Heads

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  1. Hey tk

    mailing you two mooshrooms.
    you said ". Pre-v2 heads will not stack so I'm not looking for those.)"
    ... but I have a number of stacked pre v2 heads, which these are, so just mail them back if they're not what you are after.
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  2. What I meant by that is the heads that drop now, will not stack with older heads so that's why I wanted v2 heads. That way if I get more, they all stack.

    Much appreciated though :)
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  3. I kinda thought thats what you were meaning, but thought I'd ask.
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  4. Mob Heads I need:(Must be Survival v2 heads, they will always stack together. Pre-v2 heads will not stack so I'm not looking for those.)

    Hostile Mod Heads:
    • Elder Guardian
    • Endermite
    • Evoker
    • Hoglin
    • Illusioner (Head drop possibly bugged)
    • Piglin Brute
    • Piglin
    • Skeleton Horse
    • Zoglin
    • Zombified Piglin
    Passive Mob Heads:
    • Cat (Need Only: All Black, British Short Hair, Calico, Jellie, Persian, Ragdoll and White)
    • Fox (Need Only: Snowy)
    • Parrot (Need Only: Blue, Green and Gray)
    • Strider
    • Turtle
    • Wandering Trader
    New 1.17 Heads:
    • Glow Squids
    • Goats
    • Axolotl
    Thanks :)