Buying My Head

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for all tomijo95 heads
    And my new minecraft name pinkqueen95 head
    I'll be buying them for 100 rupees considering i know there a lot of them out there
    and because I feel there not worth much I'm not anyone special so ya anyone who has my head come I'll put a sign in my mini mall on the top floor buying my head for 100 rupees

    So Go To /v 14355
    take the tp sign to the top floor
    Thank You
    - tomijo95

    P.S. This is what my head looks like...
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  2. Who says your not anyone special? Everyone is special :)
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  3. It is my head now you are not getting it back tomi >_>.
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  4. Why are you trying to get them back? Just make more? :)
  5. In your profile pic are you a little girl or an adult?
    Can't tell :p

    EDIT: Nvmd I zoomed in and sees u taking a Selfie :D

  6. That escalated quickly :confused:
  7. College student, I believe. :p
  8. I don't even have one, and if I did I would keep it for myself. ;)
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  9. I do feel inclined to believe that...
    You are trying to collect your head back in order to *make* it valuable, yes?
    And then perhaps resell your heads... Maybe during a time when your head is truly valuable... (Which could be made just by cutting off the circulation of your heads).

    Or, innocently, you merely want to own yourself.
  10. Cutting off the circulation of your head.

    Takes knife
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  11. lol nice one
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  12. Just hit the like button =P
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  13. i did then i posted a comment =P
  14. Youre buying your own head?
  15. I am not trying to make it valuable. Okay let me give you a clue my user name is tomijo95. So that should tell you I'm not a little kid lol. But i do get comments I look 14 and not my age. But I just want my head and I have a good cause and reason why. But I don't have to share that reason if I don't want to lol.
  16. This is a reply!
  17. >.> *proceeds to hunting down your head*
    But you could just get a trusted friend to do /pvp with you...
    Well, anyhow, *puts up banner saying [Buying tomijo95's new and old heads for 150r each]*

    On a side note... >.> your username still kinda sounds kiddish to me. Add in your pink pavallion...
    ^.^ i jest, i jest
  18. This is exactly why I don't PvP much. I know I could just turn off my head drop, but I don't enjoy PvP much anyway. ATM I have only 10 or so of my head in circulation.
  19. You will be glad of that when you are much older. ;)
  20. And which reason of the three are you referring to? XD
    Knowing you, it's probably to keep your head valuable, sir businessman.
    Ah, i never did get any sort of the 5% compensation for helping you with your businesses, but that's fine =P