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  1. We're hiring at /v KreeperFreeker-2! What we do at the dating services, is make sure you find a match that suits you the most. We match up your preferences, and pair you together. We had a 100% success rate before we moved to a new location. The grand opening will be tomorrow, at 18:00 EMC (EDT) time. We don't expect to have everyone hired by then, but, It'd be nice. If you're interested comment on this post or pm me or Kreeper!
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  2. What the?!?!?
  3. What's the need for this? The greatest couple on EMC is obviously me and Palmsugar.
  4. 0.0 this is messed up.
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  5. Actually, before we moved locations we paired up a good lot of people. :p
  6. I don't understand this. Dating is between two people face to face. This (though it sounds harsh) is just a way to make rupees.
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  7. It's happening,
    Emc is becoming one of those things..
  8. This is scary. I need a hug 0.0
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  9. Maby they also have a "find your hugging buddy" service...
  10. Let's hope not
  11. can you give us examples of how this works?
    Trying to be optimisitc here :D
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    Yeah, I also want to know how this would work.
  13. Your right lol. More optimism is needed!
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  14. Is this even allowed?
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  15. Hmm i suppose it is.
    Aren't there real life dating site wich ask money for their dating services?
    It's the same concept..
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  16. Well a lot of people want "Minecraft bf/gf's" So this is for that. Say someone just wants a minecraft partner, they'd walk in, get handed a book, fill it in with what personality, etc, they'd like in the opposite gender, sign their name, hand it back, and we pair them up with someone of the opposite gender who has similar preferences. We then make them meet up, and they take it from there. Keep in mind this isn't a irl thing, just a fun little MC dating service. No one is ment to take it seriously.
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  17. Do you make money?
  18. How do you know alot of people want a bf/gf in minecraft?
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  19. Yes, you do. Keep in mind, not a great amount. But yes, you earn money. If you get hired and never show up you will not be paid and will be fired. ^-^
  20. Both me and Kreeper have heard of it on multiple servers. We've heard it from multiple people on this server too, and multiple people have filled out a book. For Ex: Shadowwolf48
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