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  1. Hello EMC'ers! We have a brand new build for you guys! It is called "The World Of Elsa"! (T.W.E). This is were you can find Elsa's castle, the bridge she created, and much more to come! As you can see from the photo down below, this is still in building. It will be finished August 21st, 2016 at 11:59 PM. Then, it will officially be opened for all! Here is an image of the (unfinished) build:

    Party Central:
    As you can see, there is another part of the title. It is called "Party Central". This means you can host parties at this residence! Members can play in the castle, run along the bridge, play hide 'n' seek, tag, and more! (Food is at /v HelloKitty Ro 4 - Image: http://imgur.com/a/HKTg3). But, everything else is hosted at this residence. Party dates will be available starting September 5th, 2016.

    But, if you want to host an event, we have a couple requirements:
    • HelloKittyRo must attend the event.
    • Nobody is allowed to be given power.
    • The events, and the date must be okayed by HelloKittyRo.
    • You must follow all the rules, including the EMC rules. (See party rules below.)
    You may PRIVATE MESSAGE HELLOKITTYRO ONLY if you would like to host an event. HelloKittyRo will not accept comments saying 'I wanna host an event'.

    Party Rules:
    1. You are not allowed to give other people permissions.
    2. HelloKittyRo must be there at all times.
    3. You must follow all EMC Rules.
    4. You are not aloud to abuse your powers.

    Thanks guys! :)
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  2. UPDATE: The castle is finished! I will show you guys a picture of the build soon :)
  3. Just so that I'm understanding this properly, by this sentence you're saying that the final block will be placed (effectively completing the build) at exactly 11:59 PM on that day?
  4. No, it is finished. I have to modify it. The residence is open, but it won't OFFICIALLY be open till that time, and day.
  5. So what exactly is going to happen at 11:59PM that day? Is there like some opening event or something at 11:59PM?
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  6. No, it is just officially open. You can private message me because I do not want to fill this with spam. If you have any thing else you would like to say, please private message me here: www.emc.gs/conversations/hellokittyro
  7. A thread is meant to be posted on so long as it's relevant, so anything that relates to the topic (which is what I'm posting) would not be spam. Plus, this information could help anyone else that also has these questions since it saves multiple people asking the same question if it's already been answered.

    Back on topic!

    So, once it's "officially" opened at 11:59PM, does that mean that we would be allowed to start holding events at 11:59:01PM?
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  8. Please read the thread
  9. I did read the thread, the thread says
    which is not very clear at all.

    Does "officially opened" mean that the final block is placed at 11:59PM (you said it doesn't)? Does "officially opened" mean that there will be an event at 11:59PM? Does "officially opened" mean that anyone can host an event starting at 11:59PM? "Officially opened" is never defined in your thread.

    I challenge you to read your own thread once again (without editing it) and pointing out where you defined "officially opened" and what that would entail. It's never clarified anywhere in the OP and thus I'm asking you. Telling me to read the OP for something that doesn't exist would be silly :)
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  10. To me, that seems clear enough.
    I said this:
  11. Well, instead of pointing me back to the place that clearly doesn't answer my questions, I'd like the clarification I was asking for in the first place regarding what "officially open" means. Does it mean that events can be held at 11:59PM? Does it mean that there will be an event starting at 11:59:01PM? What does it mean?
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  12. "Officially Open Means" that it is not ready yet, and it is open for viewing, but it is not officially/ready to be opened.

    I am not going to explain it again, and I will not respond.
  13. There is an inherent fallacy in your statement.
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  14. How about for once you just go about your own business and stop constantly nit picking every single HKR post.
  15. I agree with you, he does this to me every time. He picks on me. Thanks for sticking up for me! :)
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  16. Best option is to just report the post and ask for it to be deleted.
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  17. Sure. Delete the logic. Who needs that anyway?

    I didn't even start off picking on the thread. I just simply asked a question which she answered in the most irregular/indirect way possible. If my very first post (which pertained 100% to the thread at hand) was answered, it would have only taken one sentence to clarify and the rest wouldn't exist. Why go roundabout in order to dodge the question instead of answering it?

    Care to know why I'm always "seen" picking on these threads? Because the very simple questions receive the distant answers that make no damn sense in the slightest and she goes to absurd lengths in order to dodge the first question which wasn't even bad.

    I'm sick of this bs - just answer the first post directly and with an ounce of class and we can all move on. But nope.

    I'll start a timer now to see how long a mod deletes my posts - including the relevant ones - because people get butthurt trying to defend somebody that spews incoherent nonsense over the forums. Bye.
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  18. that were 10 ruppee pages -1 of snow blocks :) sure :p
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  19. I kept answering you a thousand times, and you kept fighting me. We're all against that. You have been picking on me forever, and starting wars. You just need to say "Oh, cool". It doesn't matter what you are speaking, this does not matter. Just go find another person to pick on.

    Go down to the store and purchase a life, kid.
  20. Just let HKR do what he pleases. Maybe you just dont have a good understanding of what he is trying to say. On other threads, made by HKR, there has been some harrasment, by you.
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