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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SnowyBearr, May 30, 2014.

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  1. See: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/buhbyes-emc-closed.39735/page-3#post-751622

    I joined EMC about a month ago. I've met a ton of fun people, and enjoyed most of the time I've spent here. I really enjoy the concept of EMC, the idea is fresh and unique, but has low retention as far as I have seen. Since I joined I've seen many vet players leave, but new players don't stay around, so the numbers are just slowly dropping.

    I have been making websites for a long, long time. I also have owned many Minecraft servers both custom modded and plugin based, along with being background staff for Bukkit, which EMC runs on. I hear over and over that there is so much work for the devs to do, and that is why content is slow to come. But when I 'applied' to become a dev, which ironically a staff member told me to do so, along with many others in Mumble I was turned down without even a slight chance to prove my worth. So there is no room for complaints when it comes to 'too much work' seeing as it's pretty much their own fault by not testing out experienced coders in both web and java(Minecraft).

    It is because of those reasons, this server has no where to go but down. If it's losing vet players, can't hold on to new ones, and won't accept people who can really make a difference, then there is no hope. I do not mean to say these things to create an argument or start an issue, it's just simply how I feel about things and I figured I would fit it in my leaving statements.

    Another thing that has bothered me is that I have been on the contribution team for about a week now, but was told not to do anything until "someone" trained me, whom doesn't even play here anymore. Because of this, I have not been able to do anything that involves my rank, making it useless for me to even have in the first place.

    On the thread that announced new staff and contribution team members, each section said "say congrats to these people" but the contribution team section is just a list then it goes on to what appears and feels like "more important things". It just devalues the name, the people who take their time away from playing to put up information to help everyone on the server as a whole, and it means nothing to the higher staff.

    So this is me saying my goodbyes to EMC. To all the people I have met and talked with, events I have taken part in and the memories I have created with a lot of you in such a short time. It was fun while it all lasted, but I just don't see a future here unless change it made, maybe this thread can start to move things forward and make aware that it is valid issues.

    Might be back someday, but it is unlikely. Best of luck to all of you, and most of all to EMC.

  2. Nuuuu! Will be missing you BearyyBearr :c
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  3. You're one of the greatest friends I've had on here, and will continue to stay in touch with you. I hope that we may have some fun times in the future :)
  4. So, you're leaving because you don't feel valued enough and because you didn't got the Developer job.

    Honestly, I wouldn't have given Dev to a player that joined a month ago. Too many things could go wrong
  5. Whoah this is a rude comment. Unneeded and Unnecessary. We're a community here, not a bunch of people with knives at each others throats.
  6. I'm sorry :/ Just being frank with what I've understood. Would you give admin perms of your res to someone who just joined?
  7. Snowy I'm sorry to see you go. We never talked, but still hurts to lose players. It actually took a long while before EMC even got other Devs besides Aikar. (That we were told about. No idea if there were any we didn't know about.) Maybe a break will do some good? Don't give up entirely and just come back and check on things as time goes on. :)

    I would rather someone who has played for a month and has coding Knowledge be a dev, than someone who has played for months and has 0 knowledge become a dev. Not that EMC has done this, but other servers do.

    Most plugins I'm sure would be looked over by Aikar and possibly ran through Bukkit's process to weed out any kind of exploits and whatnot.
  8. The amount of time someone has played has nothing to do with how good someone is as a developer.
  9. Well, I did give SnowyBearr admin to my mall within two days of him joining.. so yes.
  10. Not saying he could be bad ad a developer but still have been a rather short period of time to give such power.
  11. I'm glad that is what you got out of the post. So I can just clear this up now because I knew someone would go there.

    No, I am not leaving because I didn't become a dev. I am leaving because I wasn't even given the chance to prove myself. All while at the same time hearing day in and day out that there is just so much work for the devs to do. That doesn't make sense to me.

    It also isn't no news that people are leaving, and new players don't stay. Just take a look around any SMP and see the endless plots with the starter signs but those players being offline for days+. There has also been a good amount of threads recently of people who have been here for a year+ and leaving for good.
  12. Touché

    Yet it reflects your attitude,personality,efficiency,many traits you probably can't see in a person you've just met. Everything comes with time. If he has such knowledge and experience it would just be a matter of time till he gets the job.
  13. Steve Jobs. *boom* I went there.
  14. I feel you bro, When I joined the Wiki Team, I was put on the team during the first wave. I was told not to change things unless i felt i Had to. I (after about a month, give or take a week) still hadn't been trained, I had an idea what I should be doing, however i didn't fully understand. Moat of the regular members probably didn't realize that we were working as hard as we could, as best and much as we knew. Its quite sad really, but when you think about it. We were working as hard and best as we could, but most of the community was enraged, saying things like "the wiki sucks" and things like that. Its just the amount of disrespect you get for the good your doing for EMC that was bothering me.

    This kind of adds on to what i wrote about up there ^


    Sad to see you leave, we had some pretty good times on mumble :)

    I hope to see you around in the future :)
  15. Best of luck Snowy on your future endeavors!
  16. Sorry to see you leave and sorry you feel that way.
    I must thank you a lot for giving such valuable feedback tho.
    I hope you'll stick around a little bit.
  17. Nooo... you can't go. I need you.

    I had all these plans you can help me with. You have skills that are needed. What am I supposed to do now?
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  18. I think he's not saying that he's leaving because he didn't get a dev job, but it was more that he feels that he was suggested to apply for a position and didn't get the chance to show off before getting a yes or a no. I'm no programmer myself and while I have an infinite amount of patience for dealing with people and running and growing large communities, even the easier of codes leave me baffled sometimes, haha, so I can't comment on that.

    The time thing, I have to say has never been an issue with me PERSONALLY, but it may to the current administration of EMC and they have their vision of how things should be run. In the past, I remember bringing on staff that were here easily less than a few months into the game (some of them helped design the very core of what EMC is today). Staff should be chosen based on maturity and how they handle themselves around the rules the position is designed for, and that's all. If they've been here a week and can do the job, why should it matter how long they've been here if they dedicated that time into knowing the system that fast?

    To Snowy, I wouldn't take what happened to personally. It's not a big secret that Aikar has a set way of doing things (even his personally chosen devs at times mentioned they're not 100% sure of some of his secret plans) and I'm sure they'll all make sense once he's eventually brought them all together, since he has the road map for it all laid out in his head.

    Although a suggestion might be to publicly post somewhere, if being a dev is something one wants on EMC, and EMC has no interest in it, to not bother bringing it up, so people don't feel like they were personally denied as Snow was.

    Most things are simple misunderstandings and lack of communication and don't need to create big things as they seem to sometimes. :)

    I do wish you the best of luck in your future Minecraft/Life stuffs, either way, Snow. :)
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  19. Kyzoy and Southpark both have my Skype you can ask them to contact me for help, or if you have Skype you can add me, just PM me so we can work out a way to stay in contact. :)
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