[Bring back] The disguise command!

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Bring it back?

Yes 48 vote(s) 62.3%
No 29 vote(s) 37.7%
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  1. The Halloween update was pretty cool, well from what I heard. I never did get to do /u and turn into a blaze, or what not. So I thought we should bring it back! At least for a supporter perk.

    If you want to bring back the disguise update, Post in this thread, "I agree" or something like that. If you don't agree, then please tell me why :)

  2. No reason not to allow Diamond Supporters to have it, that way EMC won't be too congested with idiots flying about as bats.
  3. "I agree" :p
    I'd really liked that update, so yes, i want it back ;)
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  4. It's been gone for two hours. How does this thread exist?

    Also, mob disguise is a fun, special thing. It would lose all its coolness if people could do it more than they already were. It really didn't take very long for people to get annoyed at the thing, anyway.
  5. it should be a supporter perk.
  6. IMO, stick it as a perk for iron+ - maybe limit the mobs depending on rank though?
  7. honestly - i didn't like it (it got old very quick) ... i go onto the server and press [Tab] trying to see if specific players are online and can't see them, then not knowing what chat someone is in - i'm just guessing typing /who .... then when I am on a residence and want to give someone (specifically) an item, i can't tell who is who - and might give the wrong person an item cause their name doesn't show up above his or her head ....

    personal note) the only mobs i really wanted to turn into weren't even allowed to non-staff members (i wanted to be a ghast so bad :p)
  8. I agree, my computer crashed so I never even got to try it out :( being a sheep would've been swag.
  9. Maybe each supporter has limited animals it can be
    But diamonds can have unlimited and gold have use in the wild and diamonds too
  10. Just no. IF it was brought back, it shouldn't be usable in the wild as it could be used exactly like invisibility could be.
  11. Oh yeah xD A sheep griefer
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  12. I agreeeeee
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  13. yep your right
  14. Like i mentioned before - when using disguise - your name doesn't show up in [Tab] or above your disguised mob body .... this would be a way worse form of griefing firstly, and unfair for supporters to get even more advantages to their already (hide from livemap) feature ... making him/her about 90% undetectable except for using /who or /chat who
  15. I put in 'no' by accident :(

    If it was for all supporters in the form of a perk, and had a time limit and a limited amount of times that it could be used, I would like it.
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  16. This isn't necessarily the last we have seen of special events like this; but if they were running all of the time - not only would it get old very quickly, but it would be a turn off to EMC. (in my opinion).

    I am glad to hear everyone most everyone enjoyed themselves with it though. :)
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  17. We know you did xD
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  19. I agree only with the addition of name tags on top.
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