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  1. The other day I made a shop and a horsetrack for public use but didnt know how to advertise it.
    So I thought maybe when new people spawn the could get another book like the "New Player Guide" but instead it could contain popular /v's on the server. So hopefully you decide to do this and more people will come to our horse racing track on SMP5.
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  2. You'll probably want to make a thread here. Screenshots are a plus, but not required.
    The trouble with using a book like that would be, it'd quickly become out of date. Players come and go all the time, and you could very easily end up with a listing that got reset, torn down, changed, or simply abandoned. Written books are good for information that doesn't change, but when you have to start making edits it can be a real pain. Trust me - books are my thing around here. :D

    I'm sure other folks could offer better advice for getting the word out about your horse track, but if you completed it just recently, it might be a while before people take notice. Building a residence is easy, building a reputation takes much longer ;)
  3. What Kephras said is indeed a good idea. On top of that, posting something about it in this thread often also helps to get people to check it out (I'd link the thread in the post).
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  4. Here are some cons to this:
    • People are disappointed that they are not in the book.
    • Goes out of date quickly (Kephras said that)
    • We already have a thread/forum for shops and such.
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  5. What if we auctioned the places in the book and then sell them off again the next 2-3 months. If the commonly known shop owners who have a lot more money than the new people, keep buying places in the book we can add a policy that says you cant have a plot in the book for over 6 months. I would really like another way to advertise my track other than using the forums, because not everyone uses the forums. Even if it isnt a book everyone gets I dont mind.
  6. Other than forums, word-of-mouth ingame is your best bet.
    I don't advise server-hopping spam though, as that tends to annoy people.
    (Ex: using /smp#, quickly posting "visit my res on smp5 for awesome horse racing!" and then immediately using /smp# to move onto the next server, rinse repeat).
    Which is to say, promoting your work is good, just don't be obnoxious about it. :)

    What I might suggest doing is having some kind of monthly event, with a set prize for the winner(s). Start spreading the word a week or two beforehand so people have time to hear about it and plan accordingly. You can also use the EMC Event Calendar, and submit yours (there's a link at the top of that page to do so).

    It's true not everyone will use the forums, but the more people you reach here, the more likely it is they'll help spread the word in-game, even on other servers.

    Just be careful you don't bite off more than you can chew ;) I can tell you first-hand that getting a whole crowd of people to listen to you and keep order... well it's a bit like trying to herd cats.
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