[Blog] Optimizing Minecraft Chest Sorting

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  1. ahh nice nice post.
    Idk but seems hopper is costly way to transfer item, but with high efficently and less delay than minecart with hopper
    I'm famillar with mekanism or mods's filter because they filter more than vallina hopper's filter. But i will research when i have time
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  2. Or do what i do.
    Disorganize it and hope you dont throw anything of value away.
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  3. My storage is pretty well organised but I'm tempted to tear it down and rebuild for fun at some point :p

    I LOVE organising, great blog post! :D
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  4. Who doesn’t like having to look in a thousand chests to find what they wanted. Disorganization is King. 🤣
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  5. Nirvana for the OCD . . . :p
  6. How else do you think I was motivated to write this?! :p
  7. Loved this blog! Ya did good there waffle. =D
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  8. having built multiple auto-sorters for others and myself over the years, hopper is always the best way to go. i've tried various methods of moving items in the past (hoppercarts, water on ice, even dropper towers*) and nothing comes close to the hopper's reliability and efficiency. if you can find access to an iron farm or build one yourself, they become really easy to craft.

    * these methods are more useful in moving items across long distances rather than over auto-sorter modules.

    also, great blog post waffle! item sorting is a constant for me, so i'll be coming back to this post in the future :p
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  9. Hmmm instead of spending time to organize my chests

    1. I buy more vault pages

    2. I hire someone to build more fancy storage rooms (DiamondGamerGurl)

    3. GreninjaFroakie goes and organizes my things anyway :cool:
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  10. My new approach to organizing my storage is using shulker boxes, especially for items that I don't take out very often. For example I'll have a double chest for all my gems and ores, and each shulker box inside the chest is for the individual ones like diamonds, iron, etc. Saves so much space.
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  11. Thank you! These ideas are great!
    I tried some of the addons and it made my life so much easier :)
    Happy New Year!
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  12. OCD is not a bad thing. Those who aren't gifted with it will never understand . . . ;)
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  13. WOWOWOW very intersting!
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  14. You put froffle's best skin in the image. :)
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  15. Dras, it's costly and need to hire peeps to work for you. I'm wonder if you paid them monthly to do that?
  16. I was inspired my new skin from instagram image and waffle's bow, shoes in her skin. So my new skin is sooo adorable!
    Also this waffle's skin is best! :)
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  17. A work of art ❤️
  18. Care to organize my items? Lol
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  19. My favorite form of item organization is putting everything into chests, forgetting where I put them, buy new items, and repeat.

    Over the years, I have accumulated over 2DCs of diamond shovels, which I've used to break like 100 blocks each before putting them in a chest.
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