[Blog] Bon Appétit: Better Use of Minecraft Food

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  1. Learn how to use the vast area of Minecraft food more effectively by understanding the way it works and what you need for your situation.

    Read here: Click Me
  2. Thank you Slvr, I found that rather helpful and I must admit you helped me learn something new today.

    Cheers! ;)

    Many cows and chickens are harmed in the making of my delicious meals but I'm all for that grilled steak and teriyaki chicken! Wherever I go, it must follow me.:p
  3. I just take a stack or two of steak. When I go anywhere, including to mine.
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  4. Finally!! A post that is worth the read. Good Job.
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  5. Well improved titles! Woot! :D Great job on this one, very cool.
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  6. Are there any semi-novice EMC members here who don't carry enough food on them outside town? I know I have met some before. Some people are generous to give away some food for free.



    Who's hungry?

    "I'm very hungry... Give me the . . . "
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  7. Holy Cow, didn't realize other foods were better in different situations! I always carried about steak/porkchop. This definitely has brought some new information to the table! +10000
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  8. Well written! My food of choice has also been baked potatoes due to the ease of mass production and decent nourishment values.

    When in a pinch for a quick food source, I find carrots the best option since they seem to grow fast and are ready to eat without further processing.

    I'm rarely in a compromising situation these days on EMC, but occasionally when starting a new single player adventure there will be times when mushroom stew is necessary. I may make an effort to keep some pork bellies/fish/golden carrots on hand, as the benefit seems worth the effort for higher risk situations. I knew there was better saturation with meats, but I didn't realize the benefit with fish was as high as it is.
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  9. The puns are strong with this one
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  10. I do not understand what pun I made?
  11. Food..... "table."
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  12. Interesting fact. Just learned something new. Never knew there was a hidden bar. Means foods have more logic than I thought, instead of just eating. Thanks.
  13. You used the wrong emc logo. Hehe.
  14. Now I'm wondering what the saturation rates are with pies/cakes/melon/mushroom soup/rabbit stew/etc are. Maybe you should do a part 2 to this ;)
  15. I usually take a stack of cookies or some mutton
  16. Blame Krysyy :p One day it will pop up in my PM and on that day I will be content
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  17. Hey! Thanks Slvr ... I have a mod that shows me saturation and hunger points of each food so xD

    But, this is great for everyone else! I recommend steak, but Golden Carrots have the most saturation out of all the foods...
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  18. I normally use cooked fish as my main food source as my prismarine farm pre-cooks them. I never have to worry about needing to find fuel to cook them and I have an unlimited amount available.
    When fighting EMC bosses I use shiny flesh or golden carrots so I never drop from full health.
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  19. I always have a few stacks of cooked fish on me and apples
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  20. Thanks for the great post! The analysis on the use of high saturation foods for certain risky activities was helpful. In PVP or Mob Arena, for example, you need every advantage you can get and the type of food you carry could make the difference between being a champion and second place.

    Also, I never realized that the fortune enchant worked on manual harvesting crops, so that unbreakable Fortune 3 voters hoe just became more useful! Most of my farming is automatic or water harvest, but for anything I've got to do by hand, Fortune 3 is the way to go. I did a test and got 50% more crops harvested using the Fortune 3 voters hoe.

    Favorite food? Any of the meats are worth carrying around, and with the EMC economy, almost any are easy and cheap to obtain from somebody.

    How about the new Rabbits Foot promo with the looting boost? Will it help with meat production? My initial test in town seemed to show no noticeable results, probably because there are caps to looting in town. Perhaps in the wild it would make a bigger difference in combination with a higher difficulty setting.
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