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  1. Updated: March 7th, 2017

    TheBoracle sheds light on the basics and inner-workings of preparing your game for mods and installing them throughout his multi-part series of articles.

    Minecraft Launcher and Creating/Editing Profiles: Click Here
    Installing/Updating Java: Click Here
    Installing Forge: Click here
    Installing Liteloader: Click here
    Installing Mods, Finally: Click here
  2. First
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  3. I was asking myself this question when I was designing- who is TheBoracle lol
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  4. 3rd

    Hmm, Is the link safe... That's always the first question when downloading a mod.
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  5. Very cool TheBoracle!

    I always appreciate any helpful guides towards providing well, anyone with a detailed written or recorded presentation, in which individuals like myself, have sooo much trouble modifying even the simplest of things. Anyhow I think this'll do the trick. I may actually learn something here. :p Thank you!

    Looking forward to what you have to share with us in the future! :)
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  6. Awesome sauce! Very informative I look forward to more like this thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

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  7. Should probably show how to install Forge and/or Liteloader since 90% of all Minecraft mods use these two prerequisites.
  8. Yeah the link is safe. Its Empire Blog.
  9. Indeed, they are future parts to the series.
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  10. Your comment is rude. TheBoracle is making an entire series that explains things for beginners. You may not be a beginner so it doesn't matter to you. Next time you want to throw around your hatred, judge a creation against what you can make yourself and not what you found on google.
  11. I have been using Mods for quite a while now and the way this blog was written couldn't have been less confusing to beginners. One does not cook a cake before mixing the ingredients. Honestly this could have been better planned.
    How about titling the post correctly Part 1 of #. The images used are more confusing and should be displayed in a way a person new to mods could relate. As for judging, I am judging the way I can make it myself. I have made a lot of procedural documentation for business and social purpose so I know what a tutorial should look like.
  12. Exactly. You've been using mods for a while. This isn't geared to you. However, for a player like me who didn't even know the profile editor existed in the first place, this is the logical place to start and I actually learned something from this blog. The images paired perfectly fine for me. If you actually read the article, it does say that this is the first part of a series, so they don't need to add anything.
  13. This is awesome, I'm a bit tech-dumb and having an extremely basic tutorial like this going step-by-step might be just what it takes to get me finally learning to download some of the simpler mods. Thanks, Boracle!
  14. "couldn't have been less confusing to beginners" I think your point should have said "couldn't have been more confusing to beginners".

    Your post was rude. Constructive criticism is one thing, but judgemental attacks are not acceptable.

    What works for one does not necessarily work for most. I found the article, as did a lot of people, helpful and not confusing. When I first started with Minecraft, there were no helpful tutorials. My son and I figured it out by trial and error. I hadn't noticed the 'Profile Editor' tab before (though my son just told me that he uses it). I just used the 'Edit Profile' button.

    I look forward to the next installment. Thanks, TheBoracle!
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  15. Yea can't wait for the next parts
    Also I hope u will show us how to do everything on Different OS?
    I need this for mac and Linux :)
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  16. Skarecboi has a point. The title is misleading. The post is, to the decerning eye(like skarecboi and myself) obviously the first part of a series but for someone that has never installed a mod they will read this whole thing and be none-the-wiser on how to install a mod, which mods can be used on empire nor where to find a mod.

    The title is the problem and even without the title, it is a confusing piece. Thank you for the effort B but I don't think it should be presented this way either. It has nothing to do with being rude, it just is what it is and it is confusing.

    Perhaps if it was titled just "Minecraft launcher and Profiles: How to EMC" then it wouldnt be so confusing. It is the presentation, the pictures, the wording and the fact that mods aren't mentioned except to say that the profile specifies to use the mods and EVEN that isn't very clear.
  17. I so LOVED this!!! I am not mc tech savvy at all and I could follow this easily. Much love to TheBoracle.
    Can't wait for the next installments. ;) Yay!!

    as for those spewing out hate and rudeness... please take that somewhere else.. we're trying to learn here. :p
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  18. The next installment in this series is posted now. Enjoy the read. I know I did!
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