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  1. I've made photography a small hobby which I'd like to share with emc :- )

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  2. beautiful photos, nice job Blinky! :D
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  3. Holy crap these are good.

    You made me hate being English and living in an ugly area even more.
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  4. This is awesome!
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  5. Seems very familiar as your insta follower. I have seen most of theses pics already. Nice to see the ones that didn't make the insta cut.
  6. I don't really like to give out my Instagram to too many people though, since it's a personal account and I set the locations of where they're taken.
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  7. Some nice photos you got there c: Keep it up!
    I'm going to have to actually upload some more to my thread so I don't get left in the dust XD.
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  8. Very nice pics blinky! Very nice indeed.
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  9. Nothing is ugly everything has beauty
  10. I see what you're saying but I disagree.
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  11. Wow, these are very beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!
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  12. I really enjoy these! Hint for other readers: try looking beyond the pictures main topic, look at the background as well. These pictures are quite good in my opinion!
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  13. Nice Pics,

    Have you ever tired to capture a storm in the distance? or a new red sunset? These are tricky, but last, I am still trying to capture one myself, :p

    Keep up the work...
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