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  1. Hey guys im BlindINFERNO21. Im just starting this server with my twin brother Bhibdon1. We have played plenty of servers and established huge towns that were the fastest growing and ended up having the most residents while being active. We are now looking for a fresh start somewhere new. Glad to call this place our new home. Message me here or in game if you have any further questions :)
  2. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions just ask :D
  3. Welcome to EMC BlindINFERNO21!! Hope you enjoy the server! :p
  4. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  5. Welcome to the Empire, what Smp did you and your twin brother land on?
  6. Welcome to the Empire!

    If you played other servers before then you may notice that Empire works a little different. It may take getting used to but trust me: once you do you may very well come to like it a lot. Its basically Minecraft with a few small enhancements here and there, and of course the custom mobs outside town.

    When in doubt also don't forget about the wiki, this contains just about everything you might like to know about the Empire, its features and all the other things which make this server great :)

    Hope you guys are going to have an awesome time here!
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  7. Welcome. /help is a great command to help you learn the ways of the mighty Empire :p
  8. Hm, okay! Have fun! :)
  9. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
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  10. Hello and welcome to the Empire!! I always enjoy seeing new faces and meeting new people. I hope you enjoy your time here and that you both make plenty of amazing new memories as a part of our community!!
  11. smp7 rules* and welcome!
  12. Welcome to emc! Hope you are having a good day and enjoying your time on emc!
  13. Hi BlindINFERNO21. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)